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‘It’s shameful.Massacre survivorslawyers demand Tulsa be the next city to pay reparations

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Two years after the Tulsa massacre left some 300 Black people dead and a once-booming neighborhood destroyed, another White mob attacked a Black enclave in Florida. The incident, known as the Rosewood massacre, 願い...

‘Their hands are tied’: San Francisco locals demand change to stop brazen crime

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Many residents told Fox News they believe changing California law Proposition 47 is the solution. "The police are actually wonderful, their hands are tied, that’s what’s going on out here." Gianni, a local who works ...

‘We ran out of space.Amid Covid-19 surge, an Illinois funeral home director says it’s hard keeping up with demand

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The Honquest funeral home in Northern Illinois receives about 30 calls for services a month. 十一月に, the home's numbers nearly doubled. Founder and funeral director Tim Honquest told CNN affiliate WREX the ho...

26 governors demand Biden meeting over border crisis

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A letter released Monday signed by 26 Republican governors, including Doug Ducey of Arizona, Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Greg Abbott of Texas, asks Biden to schedule a meeting at the White House within the next 15 デ...


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バイデンは 70% アメリカ人の7月4日までに1回以上のワクチン接種を受ける. しかしながら, より多い 30 州はその目標を達成しませんでした, ミシシッピとアラバマはリストの一番下にあります. の前に...

Amanda Gorman’s three books will get one million first prints due to overwhelming demand

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To meet the demand for Amanda Gorman's unreleased books, her publisher announced it will print one million copies of each of her three titles. Gorman 22, turned heads and stole hearts when she delivered a powerful ...

Athletes abused by late doctor demand U-Michigan probe

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Standing near the school's historic football stadium, they said a May report that detailed numerous complaints about Robert Anderson and the university's failure to act was not enough. "So Board of Regents, so the Un...

Atlanta suburb residents demand separate police force as crime rages: ‘We are living in a war zone

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先週, the Buckhead City Committee, formerly the Buckhead Exploratory Committee, demanded emergency hearings as part of its ongoing effort to become a separate entity from the city of Atlanta, said Bill White, th ...

Biden won’t extend Afghanistan deadline as Taliban reiterates demand for US forces to leave

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The development comes shortly after a Taliban spokesperson – following a meeting between leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and CIA Director William Burns in Kabul – said there will be "no extensions" to the Biden adm...

ブラックバーン, ルビオ, 綿花需要 ファウチ氏が辞任かバイデン氏に解雇

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"ファウチは辞任する必要がある," ブラックバーンは、今週のインタビューでフォックスニュースに語った. "そして、バイデン政権は彼に彼のポストから離れるように頼むべきです." FAUCI オン GOP 批評: かなり率直に私に多くの攻撃 ...

Boone returns on 3-year contract, Yankees demand success

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"A manager is only as good as the players he’s got," general manager Brian Cashman said Tuesday after announcing a three-year contract for Boone that contains a club option for 2025. その他のスポーツ カバーについては、ここをクリックしてください...


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今年初めのワクチン供給の壊滅的な不足とコロナウイルスパンデミックの罰的な第3の波の後, カナダは今週、米国に追いつき、さらには米国を上回るように設定されています。.

シカゴ民主党の市会議員は、「完全に偽善的だった後、ライトフットを引き裂く’ 連邦犯罪支援の新たな需要

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レイモンド・ロペス, ウィンディシティで急増する犯罪と銃による暴力のトピックについて以前にライトフットとスパーリングしたことがある人, 言った "物語" 彼はトランプ前大統領が好きではありませんが, 彼はライトフットをplとして見ています。.


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米国の上院議員は、議決権などの重要な問題に取り組むことができませんでした, 水曜日に議員の投票記録を採点する報告書を発表した公民権団体の連立によると. レポート...

Colonial Pipeline cyberattack: Republicans demand more action from Biden energy security

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"This is critical infrastructure," 担当者は言った. August Pfluger, R-テキサス, whose district includes the oil-producing Permian Basin. "The industry of providing fuel to heat and cool homes to allow transportation to happen ...


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何百ものEMSポジションが空席になっており、人員不足により、必要な人の待ち時間が増えています。. 将来のEMS労働者のためのジョージアインスティテュートオブEMSトレーニング施設. (ジェイラホイットフィールド/ ...

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