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Democrat strategist tells MSNBC that candidates should run on Biden economic record: ‘A lot to be proud of’

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Su "Meet The Press Daily," host Chuck Todd asked his panelists about their key takeaways from the previous evening’s primary elections in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Elrod declared any Democrat behind the Biden ...

Virginia Democrat dice proteste al di fuori dei giudici’ le case «quasi certamente avranno l'effetto opposto’

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Lo ha sostenuto il democratico locale della Virginia "il luogo più appropriato perché ciò avvenga" è "presso l'ente pubblico in cui vengono introdotte le politiche, discusso e alla fine accettato o rifiutato. Questo è dove elenchiamo...

Arizona Democrat latest official to try tying Roe v. Wade to the economy

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rappresentante. Greg Stanton, D-Ariz., claimed the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion nationwide made the largest impact on the advancement of women in the workplace in a video of him during a Jewish Democrats Week Of A...

Democrat Texas border mayor urges Biden, Harris address migrant surge: ‘We would like more attention on this

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Rolando Salinas, the Democratic mayor of Eagle Pass, Iscritto "Volpe & Amici" to address the lack of support from the Biden administration to secure the southern border. The mayor described his city as a "hotspot" ...

Democrat congressional candidate says Rep. Henry Cuellar could be ‘the Joe Manchin of the House

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Host Chuck Todd asked Cisneros about Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., who campaigned for Cuellar in Texas on Wednesday, saying that there can't be a "litmus test" to be a Democrat. Cuellar is a pro-life Democrat representin...

Sen democratico. Mark Warner condemns Supreme Court leaker, calls for prosecution ‘to the full extent of the law

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Warner was asked on "Rapporti dell'America" about the Democrats' refusal to condemn the leaker accused of trying to subvert the court's ruling by prematurely publishing a draft opinion that, if held, would overturn the lan...

House Democrat difende le politiche economiche di Biden, gli attribuisce il merito di "aver tenuto a galla e in vita questo paese".’

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Il nuovo sondaggio di Fox News mostra che l'inflazione e il futuro economico del paese rimangono la principale preoccupazione per gli elettori che si avvicinano al medio termine. Con un 68% tasso di disapprovazione per Biden su questi temi, alcuni democratici...

Byron York: Democrat Party alienated the White working class

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BYRON YORK: I think one of the problems with Democrats is that they have alienated their old traditional, working class, white working class base. Depending on highly educated, big city dwellers, e adesso, that makes ...

California Democrat blasts party’s ‘wokeism run amok,’ says Hispanic voters turning on Biden

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"My message is of extreme disappointment. I represented one of the most Democratic Latino districts in California, East L.A. and whether we are Cuban-American in Florida or Mexican-American in South Texas, Nevada or ...

Leo Terrell: I was a Democrat and ‘they are failing this country

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PETE HEGSETH ON BIDEN'S PLUMMETING POLL NUMBERS: ‘THEY GOT IN BED WITH THE CRAZY LEFT’ LEO TERRELL: I was a Democrat, I'm a schoolteacher, and that's not what working-class Americans want at all. Elizabeth Warren lo è ...

Reince Priebus: America is spiraling under complete Democrat control

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REINCE PRIEBUS: The other half of that famous quote about ‘peace through strength’ is that ‘weakness only invites aggression.’ The world is not afraid of Joe Biden. We all sit on airplanes. Sometimes you sit by Repub...

Pennsylvania Democrat running for governor opposes Philadelphia’s mask mandate

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Shapiro, who serves as Pennsylvania’s attorney general, apparso su "CNN’s Newsroom" to discuss President Biden’s new efforts to limit the sale of "pistole fantasma" negli Stati Uniti. After arguing about Biden’s "sensi...

cercando di tenerlo sotto controllo’ cercando di tenerlo sotto controllo

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cercando di tenerlo sotto controllo. 6 cercando di tenerlo sotto controllo. 6 cercando di tenerlo sotto controllo.

Ingraham: COVID-19’s new normal refers to a ‘Democrat is in office

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LAURA INGRAHAM: [N]ow to the Left's newest COVID charade. I don't know if you heard this: Currently some of the elites in Washington are coming down with a case of the asymptomatics. Adesso, everyone from Attorney Gener...

Suo. Tester becomes latest Democrat to oppose Biden move to end Title 42

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"I'm strongly opposed to the Administration's decision to let Title 42 expire next month – which will only add to the strain on our broken immigration system," Tester said in a statement. "I'm urging [Homeland Securi...

Police track and nab Senate fox after it hounds Democrat on Capitol grounds

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The so-called Senate fox prompted Capitol police to warn of "aggressive fox encounters" on Tuesday afternoon, urging the public, "please do not approach any foxes." Among the furry fiascos, the four-legged trickster ...