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Some Democrats are worried climate provisions won’t pass before critical global meeting in November

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Some Democratic lawmakers are sounding an alarm this week that Congress won't be able to pass major climate provisions ahead of an important international climate conference set for early November in Glasgow. "それ ...

Ilhan Omar says Democrats who won’t nix filibuster ‘are killing our democracy

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Omar lashed out at her upper chamber counterparts who have stood against progressive calls to nix the filibuster, accusing them of being the death knell of democracy. "The filibuster—and the Democratic Senators who c...

民主党は選挙結果に関係なく左翼の議題を追求し続ける: 担当者. ヨルダン

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ヨンキンがバージニア州知事ジム・ジョーダンのレースでマコーリフを破る: 「政府は親より賢い」というキャンペーンを実行すると、警察に弁護することになります。,'アメリカ人はdis ...

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: Democrats and the media are about to suffer a huge loss

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Thank God they found nothing bad in his colon. 上手, except for his head. It was a tough procedure for the doctors, they didn’t know which end to work on. So they brought in a veterinarian - they needed someone expe...

Democrats flip suburban Georgia House seat

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In Democrats' first major House pickup, Carolyn Bourdeaux has flipped the open seat in Georgia's 7th District, CNN projected Monday. Her victory in the northeast Atlanta suburbs comes as the Peach State is quickly b...

House committee advances key portion of Covid-19 relief bill hours after Democrats finish arguments in impeachment trial

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The House Ways and Means Committee advanced its portion of the coronavirus relief bill Thursday just hours after the House impeachment managers finished arguing their case in the Senate trial, a sign Democrats are t...

リズピーク: Biden’s fake economic news – this is how Democrats justify their radical spending binge

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That did not sit well with Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. When asked about Powell’s remarks, the House speaker stressed his assessment that the nation will only "begin to see" improvement, and that the biggest risk to the ec...

Victor Davis Hanson accuses Democrats of using George Floyd’s death to ‘indict all of America’

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"They see this as useful for a larger agenda that does not have public support," 彼は言った. "So whether it’s open borders or reparations or redistribution or the end of the Second or First Amendment… It doesn’t really ...

イングラム: Democrats ignore FBI, push for new political witch hunt as part of ‘Investigation Theater

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イングラム: With consumer prices climbing, inflationary pressures building and the border long past a breaking point, what exactly is the party in charge focused on? 1月 6 もちろん, you know the riot they call an ...

Why Democrats are desperately trying to win Joe Manchin’s vote for an already doomed election bill

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火曜日に, インクルード "人々のために" Act will fail. There is a 0% chance that the sweeping election reform package pushed by Democratic leaders in the House and Senate in response to the moves in a series of Republican-...

マーク・レヴィンが民主党員を「宣伝」するためにメディアをリッピング’ 議題

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マーク・レヴィン: あなたは民主党とメディアの間の近親相姦関係を正しく通り抜けることができます. メディアによって宣伝されていない、民主党が支持している単一の主要な問題について考えてみてください。, ホイット...

Democrats influenced by progressives don’t want to ‘go hardon Cuba, says WaPo reporter

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In recent days Cuban protesters have expressed anger over rising prices, shortages of goods and poor health care amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "They are really being led by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party,...


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制限的な投票法案の通過を阻止するために先月州を去ったテキサス州の民主党員は、逮捕されることを恐れずに抗議を続けるために家に帰ることができるようになりました, 月曜日の裁判官の後。.

バイデンの歳出法案は民主党員である可能性があります’ 危機が悪化するにつれて意味のある気候行動を達成する最後の希望

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気候に関する米国からの何十年にもわたる不作為の後, ジョー・バイデン大統領と議会の民主党員は計算に直面している. バイデンは大きな気候の野心を持っています, 4月にヘクタールの温室効果ガス排出量を削減することを誓う。.

‘SNL’ cold open: Facebook unites Republicans and Democratsin befuddlement

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In the show's opening sketch, その. リチャード・ブルーメンソール (Mikey Day), chair of the subcommittee that heard testimony last week from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, thanked her for appearing before Congress. "Tha...

マッカーシーは民主党の空の店の棚を非難する’ ポリシー: 「あなたはそれがアメリカだとは思わない」

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夫と妻が供給問題のために新しいおもちゃ屋を閉める: 「私たちは製品を手に入れることができませんでした」ケビン・マッカーシー: なぜここにインフレがあるのですか? 民主党がやったことの支出のために. 数兆ドル. あなたw ...

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