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House Dems modify plans for group dinner in Capitol amid questions about gathering during coronavirus surge

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Newly elected Democratic members of the House are no longer attending a group dinner planned for Statuary Hall in the Capitol Friday night after Democratic leadership faced questions about the gathering amid a natio...

Two border state Dems break with Biden on the crisis: ‘Want to see more action

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In a statement released Wednesday following Biden's address to Congress, 이것의. 마크 켈리 (D-아리즈.) lamented the lack of attention that Biden paid to the issue during his primetime speech. 폭스 뉴스 설문 조사: THREE TIMES ...

대표. Mariannette Miller-Meeks: I fought back against Demselection untruths. Here’s what I learned about S1

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For those who did not closely follow that 2020 election saga, the most important thing to know is it took my Democratic opponent and Democratic Party leaders like Speaker Pelosi nearly five months to accept that a sl...

Manchin은 텍사스 민주당과 만나 투표권 법안을 축소하기를 원한다고 말했습니다.

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워싱턴, DC 센. 조 만친, 연방 투표권 법안 통과를 위한 핵심 투표, 목요일에 그와 텍사스 하원 민주당원 그룹이 말했다, 제한을 차단하기 위해 자신의 주를 도피...

제니스 딘: Cuomo sexual harassment probe has NY Dems letting loose on governor. 여러분, you’re not fooling us

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Now that New York Attorney General Leticia James has issued her damning report about the allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault on women by New York Gov. 앤드류 쿠 오모, suddenly Democratic legislators hav...

로니 잭슨: 낸시 펠로시, 민주당원들은 미국인들이 '완전한 바보'라고 생각한다.’

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펠로시, 바이든의 발언을 반복하다 비난 $ 3.5 1조 달러의 비용은 '0' RONNY JACKSON이 됩니다.: 얼마나 미친 짓이야? 솔직히, 그들은 미국 사람들이 완전한 바보라고 생각합니다. 우리는 그냥 가이가 아니다...

그레이엄: GOP는 선거일 밤에 화를 내고 민주당원들에게 '그들은 자신들을 얻을 것이다'라고 말한다.– 박자’ 그들이 '사회주의자'를 지지한다면’ 계산서

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"Nancy Pelosi의 귀에는 두 개의 목소리가 있습니다.: 하나는 스쿼드가 '이 법안과 미국을 위한 이 사회주의 의제를 통과하는 것이 좋습니다. 그렇지 않으면 우리가 당신을 켤 것입니다.', 펜실베니아...

Cathedral of the Left – Dems, Biden want to replace rule of law with their brand of religious zealotry

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Consider his analysis of the effort to destroy Joe Rogan, the most popular podcast host in America: 비디오 "The approach was very obviously an activation of the Cathedral – that is, the organized combination of elit...

New York Dems illegally drew congressional districts, 법원 규칙에 항소하다

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A panel of five judges wrote that Democrats unconstitutionally drew up congressional districts "to discourage competition or for the purpose of favoring or disfavoring incumbents or other particular candidates or pol...

Young Dems는 GOP 중간 선거 승리 가능성을 기각합니다., Pelosi에 대한 지지를 표명하지 않을 것, 역할을 유지하기 위해 Schumer

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Fox News Digital과의 독점 인터뷰에서, YDA 커뮤니케이션 국장 Matt Royer는 민주당원에게 아직 시간이 있다고 주장했습니다. "ensure" 승리를 거두고 젊은 수를 몰고 갈 가능성이 가장 큰 문제로 그가 본 문제를 설명했습니다...

민주당은 바이든이 두 번째 지출 법안에 일부 불법 이민자에 대한 사면을 포함할 것을 촉구합니다

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그 편지 -- Sens 주도. 엘리자베스 워렌, D-매스. 그리고 알렉스 파딜라, D- 칼리프., 뿐만 아니라 담당자. 호아킨 카스트로, 디텍사스, 그리고 테드 리우, D- 칼리프. -- 바이든에 필수근로자시민권법 포함 촉구….

‘Can’t underscore enoughhow radical Tlaib, other left-wing Dems are toward Israel: 모건 오르타 구스

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오르타거스: 운수 나쁘게, what may be happening is that the president may be caving to the loudest voices in his party. 지금, if we look at this from a geopolitical perspective, what these people like Rashida Tlaib and ...

이것의. 테드 크루즈: Dems’ ‘경찰을 탕감하라’ – here’s their desperate ploy to escape blame for rising crime rates

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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki about senior adviser to the president Cedric Richmond’s claim that Republicans have defunded the police by not voting to pass Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Psaki defended Ric...

Defund the police Dems are silent after DC passes 100 살인 사건 2021

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워싱턴, D.C., reached its 100th homicide on July 9. Fox News reached out to multiple members of the far-left "분대" in the House of Representatives for comment on the deadly shootings and if they believed the de...

Scalise rips Biden for ‘wasting timepressuring Dems on $3.5T spending bill amid Afghanistan evacuation

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BIDEN TORCHED FOR NOT TAKING QUESTIONS, TALKING UP 'BUILD BACK BETTER' BEFORE AFGHANISTAN CRISIS REP. 스티브 스케일: I think what was the most disgraceful thing about this week, in addition to the president of the Un...

Joe Lieberman on ‘Kilmeade Show’: Virginia could be ‘red alertfor Dems on pushback to ‘woke culture

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MCAULIFFE BOASTS HE'LL ‘BUILD EDUCATION’ IN WAKE OF SAYING PARENTS SHOULD HAVE LITTLE SAY JOE LIEBERMAN: If Terry McAuliffe loses, even though he's not a left-wing Democrat, it'll be a sign that people in Virginia, w ...

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