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‘Blue Miraclestar Dennis Quaid reveals why he prefers to play real people

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The 67-year-old actor plays Captain Wade Malloy, who along with a group of orphaned Mexican boys and their guardian Omar (Jimmy Gonzales), enter into the world's biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage. "Ek ...

Dennis Quaid’s son Jack didn’t want help from his famous parents

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Having famous parents might have helped Jack Quaid, but according to his father the young actor was having none of it. During an appearance on Tuesday's episode of "Die Kelly Clarkson Show" Dennis Quaid talked about...

Dennis Kucinich Fast Facts

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Here is a look at the life of Dennis Kucinich, former Ohio congressman. Persoonlike geboortedatum: Oktober 8, 1946 Geboorteplek: Cleveland, Ohio Birth name: Dennis John Kucinich Father: Frank Kucinich, a truck ...

Dennis Thomas, Kool & die stigter van die Gang, sterf by 70

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Kool & die mede-stigter van die Gang, Dennis Thomas, word dikwels na verwys as "Dee Tee," is oorlede. Hy was 70 jaar oud. Thomas is Saterdag in sy slaap in New Jersey oorlede, volgens 'n verklaring wat op die Grammy A geplaas is..

Dennis Schroder in ‘state of shock’ with $84 million Lakers decision backfiring horribly

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Free agent point guard Dennis Schroder is seemingly having a tough time with the fallout from his decision to decline the $ 84 million extension the Lakers offered him in March. "I think he’s in a state of shock bec...

Dennis Thomas, ‘Kool en die bende’ medestigter, dood by 70

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Hy sterf vreedsaam in sy slaap Saterdag in New Jersey, waar hy 'n inwoner van Montclair was, luidens 'n verklaring van sy verteenwoordiger. Die band het sy dood in 'n Facebook -plasing aangekondig. Thomas was die alto ...

Dennis Rodman confronted by police at Florida airport over mask issue on flight: verslag doen

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Witnesses on a JetBlue flight flying out of Los Angeles told TMZ Sports that the five-time NBA champion was asked four separate times to keep his face mask on, covering both his nose and mouth, but lowered it each ti...

‘Suidelike sjarme’ die ster Kathryn Dennis verstom in 'n goue bikini, sê sy is 'nie skaam nie’ van haar rekmerke

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Die 29-jarige Bravo-persoonlikheid het haar bikini-lyf uitgestal in 'n foto wat Donderdag op Instagram geplaas is. Dennis straal in die kiekie terwyl sy 'n goue dra, riempies bikini wat om haar middel vasbind. Die ma van twee...

Dennis Quaid on eloping during pandemic, buying Ronald Reagan memorabilia ahead of biopic role

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Though the pandemic did prompt the 67-year-old actor to delay his wedding to Laura Savoie, who is in her late 20s, from April to June, he found the extra time at home was helpful. "I think helped [the relationship],"...

BTK killer Dennis Rader thinks of himself as ‘monster’ and ‘a good person who did some bad things’: dok

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But the seeming doting father and trusted Cub Scout leader was also a murderer who terrorized residents for decades using the moniker BTK – bind, torture, doodmaak. In 2005, Rader, nou 76, pled guilty to killing 10 mense...

'Parent Trap'-ster Elaine Hendrix praat ouderdomsgaping met Dennis Quaid: 'Ek het gedink ons ​​het geweldige chemie'

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"Ek het gedink ons ​​het geweldige chemie," het die aktrise Woensdag aan Insider gesê. "… Ek dink dit het goed gewerk." Op daardie stadium, Quaid was 'n "jonger" 44 jaar oud - 18 jaar haar senior. Egter, in die 1998 romantiese komedie,...

Bulls legend Dennis Rodman explains why he doesn’t watch the NBA

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . During Rodman’s era, the NBA was known for its toughness. During a recent interview on the "Full Send" podcast, Rodman says the league is hard to watch because of how much it has...

‘Dennis the Menace’ actress Gloria Henry dead at 98: ‘She’s flying now’

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The star’s daughter and son confirmed their mother’s passing on social media. Henry’s death came one day after her birthday. "She’s flying now, free of her body," Erin Ellwood wrote on Instagram. "She left on a count...

Dennis Prager: Israel-Palestine conflict is not what Left wants you to believe, it’s not over land

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PRAGER: When I was in college, which was not recently, I was taught that a black cannot be a racist. And I remember thinking that's impossible. ek bedoel, it's simply impossible. I couldn't believe I heard that, but eve...