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Florida se departement van gesondheid klap Rachel Levine vir 'karaktermoord'’ oor transjeugkommentaar

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"Die Chirurg-generaal is gekant teen eksperimentele en onomkeerbare mediese behandelings op kinders en tieners wat aan geslagsdisforie ly," Jeremy T, woordvoerder van Florida se departement van gesondheid. Redfern het aan Fox News gesê..

New York subway riders respond to health dept ad telling fentanyl users to feel ‘empowered’ for safe drug use

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"I feel like this is making drug abuse or drug use something … that sounds like a good thing almost," Tori, a Texan visiting New York, gesê. "We should all be encouraging it, or maybe it’s a bad thing that we’re look...

Defense Dept hiding UFO info, congressman says: ‘There’s something else out there

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"We just got hosed, basies," Burchett, R-Tenn., told reporters after a House Intelligence subcommittee that featured testimony from Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie and Depu...

Iowa woman on TikTok asks for fire dept. shirts from all 50 states for her dad — here’s what happened

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Alli Marois, 23, of Milo, Iowa, posted a video on TikTok explaining her project — a quilt — which she hoped to create from shirts featuring logos of fire stations all across the U.S. "I wanted to give him something ...

State Dept refuses to detail ‘red lineif China provides support to Russia amid war in Ukraine

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President Biden warned Chinese President Xi Jinping in a call Friday morning that there would be "gevolge" if Beijing provides Moscow with "material support" while Russia continues its deadly campaign against it...

US sends another $1 billion in defensive aid to Ukraine, State Dept breaks down what’s included

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The decision came just days after the U.S. said it would rush another $ 200 million worth of small arms, anti-tank and anti-aircraft defenses – pushing the total U.S. supply of defensive equipment for Kyiv to $ 2 b ...

State Dept says Iran nuclear deal will not be an ‘escape hatchfor Russian sanctions

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"The JCPOA is not going to be an escape hatch for the Russian Federation and the sanctions that have been imposed on it because of the war in Ukraine," State Department press secretary Ned Price told reporters. WAR I...

Ukraine news: Staatsafdeling. discourages U.S. citizens from fighting Russian military, citing ‘significant risks

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The warning came amid increasing reports of U.S. citizens volunteering to assist the Ukrainian military in its fight against invading Russian forces. "Amerikaanse. citizens who travel to Ukraine — especially with the purpose...

State Dept says it is reviewing ‘very crediblereports of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

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"The fact is that we've seen very credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians, which would, under the Geneva Conventions, constitute a war crime," Staatsafdeling. spokesperson Ned Price said during a Thursday pre...

One US education dept. supports BLM activism week stressing end of nuclear family, net 3 reject it

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Fox News Digital reached out to all 50 state departments of education asking if they endorse or support the program that was implemented in schools stretching from Washington state to Massachusetts last week. Washing...

Classified State Dept email: Hunter Biden undercut US anticorruption efforts in Ukraine

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Die e-pos, obtained by Just the News, dates from Nov. 22, 2016, when former U.S. embassy official George Kent raised concern over Hunter Biden’s Ukraine dealings. Kent remarked on the "sage" surrounding a case again ...

Russia docs authentic: Staatsafdeling.

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AOC TARGETS SINEMA - Amerikaanse. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., took a new swipe at U.S. Sy. Kyrsten-bioskoop, D-Ariz., urging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to make Sinema's life "as difficult as possible." Co ...

Staatsafdeling. says no signs of Russian deescalation toward Ukraine, defends NATO unity

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"We have been very clear," Price aan verslaggewers gesê. "There is not a precondition for dialogue in diplomacy, but there is a precondition for that dialogue … moving in the right direction. "I don’t think we’ve seen any co...

Biden Dept. van Binnelandse sake beweeg om ‘nederstellende te verwyder’ name uit federale lande

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Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced in a press release Friday that her department has formally established a "proses om te hersien en te vervang" neerhalende name soos "squaw" van federale gebruik. ...

Virginia Dept. of Education website promotes CRT despite McAuliffe claims it’s ‘never been taught’ daar

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On the Virginia Department of Education website, several examples of the department promoting Critical Race Theory can be found, including a presentation from 2015, when Terry McAullife was governor, that encourages...

Biden se omstrede Ed Dept-benoemde Catherine Lhamon het bevestig te midde van die verwagte terugrol van titel IX as gevolg van die proses

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Die Senaat het Woensdag gestem om Lhamon as die departement se assistent-sekretaris van burgerregte te bevestig in 'n 51-50 stem langs partylyne met vise-president Harris wat die gelykop-stem uitbring. Lhamon se bevestiging...

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