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Marc Thiessen smal media 'pligsversuim’ oor China, COVID oorsprong

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Meer as 'n jaar na die aanvang van die koronavirus-pandemie, Demokrate en hul "media-bondgenote" ophou vinger wys na oudpresident Trump vir die uitbreking, aangesien hy nie meer in die amp is nie, and shifted the b...

Retired general calls for Milley’s resignation: Actions ‘somewhere between treason and dereliction of duty

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MILLEY SPOKESMAN DEFENDS CALLS WITH CHINA AS 'VITAL' TO 'AVOIDING UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OR CONFLICT' DON BOLDUC: I believe his actions are irresponsible and they fall somewhere between treason and dereliction of du...

Abbott vows to hire horseback border agents if Biden fires them, says president ‘in dereliction of duty

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"Secretary Mayorkas and, if I can be candid, even President Biden, they are in dereliction of duty," Abbott said on "Fox News Sunday." "The Biden administration has abandoned any pretense of securing the sovereignty ...

Rep. Crenshaw calls for Mayorkasimpeachment amid border crisis: ‘Deliberate derelictionof duty

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JULIO ROSAS SLAMS BIDEN'S BORDER WALL HALT: CONTRACTORS BEING PAID TO NOT WORK REP. DAN CRENSHAW: I think there's very clear examples of a deliberate dereliction of constitutional duty on the part of the secretary of...