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Border patrol rescues dozens of migrants lost in Arizona desert, trapped in rail cars in Texas

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Agents in Arizona’s Yuma Sector received a total of 10 calls for help and rescued a total of 25 subjects, many of whom were simply lost in the Sonoran Desert, NOSOTROS. Customs and Border Protection said in a news release...

Border agents rescue 26 migrants stranded in Arizona desert

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The agents received a 911 call from a group of migrants in the Tabletop Mountains, which is near Arizona’s southern border shared with Mexico. A group of migrants who rescued by border patrol agents last wee...

Homan rips Biden border policies after video surfaces of young boy abandoned in Texas desert

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Homan made the comment as video captured by a Border Patrol officer is circulating on social media showing a young boy with tears streaming down his face, who had apparently been abandoned alone in the desert in Texa...

La primera comunidad de viviendas impresa en 3D en los EE. UU. Se está construyendo en el desierto de California

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Los desarrolladores en el sur de California están construyendo lo que dicen será el primer vecindario de energía neta cero impreso en 3D en los Estados Unidos. Palari Group dijo que planea construir 15 casas ecológicas impresas en 3D en un ...

Utah helicopter crew discovers mysterious metal monolith deep in the desert

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What started as routine wildlife assistance took an extraterrestrial turn for Utah's Department of Public Safety after officers stumbled upon a mysterious monolith in the middle of rural Utah. Officers from the Utah...

Endangered Loa water frogs rescued from desert have 200 offspring

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A clutch of critically-endangered water frogs rescued from a muddy puddle in Chile's driest desert has birthed 200 offspring at the country's national zoo, the Chilean government announced on Wednesday. The Loa water...

Alex Désert takes over for Hank Azaria voicing Carl on ‘The Simpsons

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Alex Désert has won rave reviews in his new role as Carl Carlson on "Los Simpsons." The long running popular Fox animated series debuted Sunday with its 32nd season and Désert voicing the character of Carl. The acto...

‘Ghostfrog not seen for 80 years rediscovered in desert hot spring

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Chilean scientists have rediscovered a species of frog last seen more than 80 hace años que, prompting new calls for the conservation of its habitat in the far-flung Chilean desert. Scientists relocated the diminutive Ha...

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