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A printout of George Floyd’s toxicology report was found on a Black History display at Duke University, insinuating that he deserved to die

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A flier insinuating that George Floyd's death was because of drugs appeared on a Black History Month display at Duke University, causing a school-wide investigation into what officials are calling an "act of bias." ...

Billie Eilish won the Grammy she thinks Megan Thee Stallion deserved

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Billie Eilish had a bit of an 'Adele 2017' moment at Sunday night's Grammys. That's the year Adele insisted that she didn't deserve her album of the year win because it should have gone to Beyoncé for "Lemonade." T ...

Romanian village re-elects dead mayor, saying he deserved to win

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Romanian villagers have re-elected their mayor by a landslide even though he died two weeks ago from Covid-19 complications, saying he had done a good job and deserved his posthumous victory. A video shared on social...