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Miller: ‘Greatest border disaster in American history’ not being covered with ‘attention it deserves

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STEPHEN MILLER: Met ander woorde, if you watch Fox, you'll have a very clear understanding of what's happening on our southern border. But if you, byvoorbeeld, get your news from any one of the few major newspapers or ...

School district investigating divisive high school assignment questioning if Derek Chauvin deserves a new trial

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Students at an upstate New York high school were given a writing assignment about whether Derek Chauvin should win a new trial over the death of George Floyd because of questions about one of the jurors who presided...

Joy Behar praises Biden on Afghanistan: ‘I think the man deserves a lot of credit’

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Biden has been criticized from all sides since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan during a chaotic withdrawal last month but the liberal pundit feels the president will eventually get praised for his role. ...

Wyoming rancher suing Biden administration for relief bill discrimination: ‘Everybody deserves this aid’

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"Everybody deserves this aid because we’ve all struggled," sy het gese. "Ranching and farming for decades has been a losing proposition." The Wyoming rancher explained that the industry faces inflation as product prices...

Bill Maher rips higher-ed ‘racket,’ says Lori Loughlin ‘understood that one good scam deserves another

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"Now that graduation season has ended and we won't be spoiling anyone's big day, let's talk about what higher education in America really is: a racket that sells you a very expensive ticket to the upper-middle class,...

Nobel Peace Prize winner says Olympics deserves the award

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Yunus, a Bangladeshi banker who was awarded his Nobel in 2006 for pioneering micro-credit loans to impoverished people, has worked with the International Olympic Committee on a business program for athletes. "I think...

Britney Spears’ cousin throws support behind pop star to end conservatorship: She ‘deserves better’

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The 39-year-old performer addressed the Los Angeles Superior Court in a feverish plea to dissolve the conservatorship that has been in place over her since it was implemented in 2008. "[Britney] has been living in he...

Tammy Bruce: Britney Spears verdien om te seëvier in die stryd vir haar vryheid. Dit is waarom haar sage saak maak

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Sy "het Woensdag hartstogtelik aan 'n regter gesê dat sy die 'beledigende' saak wat haar gedemoraliseer en verslaaf laat voel het, wil beëindig," berig Associated Press. Verder, beskuldig sy die bewaarders, haar ingesluit ...

Jesse Kelly: Militêr verdien beter as Biden; skeur Milley vir die fokus op 'White rage’

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Die gasheer Tucker Carlson het sy onderhoud begin deur die opmerkings van Biden Donderdag te hersien, asook 'n verklaring van sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., 'n beroep op die Delaware -demokraat doen "duidelik en stewig die Verenigde State te noem ...

Reps. Wittman, Stefanik: The world deserves to know the truth about COVID’s origins

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The world deserves to know the truth. Nou dadelik, it is nearly impossible to have all the facts because the Chinese Communist Party has blocked critical information and failed to cooperate with the global community. Ek ...

Betsy McCaughey: COVID entstof gelykheid? VS verdien antwoorde op booster shots vs.. donasies aan die res van die wêreld

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Versterkers te gee aan ingeënt mense in ryk lande, terwyl miljoene in arm lande nie ingeënt word nie, is niks minder as gierigheid nie, het direkteur-generaal van die Wêreldgesondheidsorganisasie, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, op Monda gesê..

KT McFarland: Genl. Milley deserves separate probes over China phone calls, Afghanistan

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At a minimum there needs to be two separate investigations into his conduct: The sensational story of the week is that Milley went rogue earlier this year while President Trump was nearing the end of his term. Here’s...

Harris comments on Daunte Wright shooting, says family deserves answers

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"Prayers are not enough," het sy getwiet. "Daunte Wright should still be with us. While an investigate is underway, our nation needs justice and healing, and Daunte’s family needs to know why their child is dead—they de...