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Jessica McClintock, fashion designer, sterf bejaardes 90

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Fashion designer Jessica McClintock has died at age 90, according to an obituary published Sunday by the San Francisco Chronicle. McClintock "died peacefully in her sleep at home" op Februarie 16, the obituary says....

Jill Biden’s inauguration ‘gowninspired by unity, designer says

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The formal dress and matching coat worn by first lady Jill Biden Wednesday night for inaugural festivities were designed with inspiration from new administration's message of unity, says the designer Gabriela Hearst...

Canadian fashion designer indicted on sex trafficking charges, according to US prosecutors

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New York (CNN Besigheid)A Finnish-Canadian designer was arrested in Canada Monday, after he was indicted in the United States for allegedly using his fashion business as a "façade of legitimacy" in order to conceal se...

Some say a ‘Day of the DeadBarbie is guilty of cultural appropriation. Its designer says it is celebrating tradition

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Mattel is back with its Día De Muertos Barbie doll and it's once again generating backlash. The doll, the second in Mattel's "La Catrina" collection of Barbies, was designed to celebrate the annual centuries-old Mex...