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‘These attacks are despicable’: Biden condemns rise in anti-Semitic incidents

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President Joe Biden on Friday condemned the rise in anti-Semitic attacks across the country in recent weeks, saying the incidents are "despicable, unconscionable, un-American, and they must stop." The nation is seei...

Two Colorado officers arrested in use of force incident police chief calls a ‘very despicable act

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Two Colorado officers from the Aurora Police Department (APD) have been arrested on criminal charges in a use of force incident the police chief called a "very despicable act." Die beamptes -- John Raymond Haubert, ...

‘Madness of Crowds’ author rips doctors calling for medical care based on race: ‘Absolutely despicable

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UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS HIT BACK AGAINST OPPONENTS OF CRITICAL RACE THEORY DOUGLAS MURRAY: It’s unbelievable except for anyone who’s followed what critical race theory is trying to do and the extent to which it is just...

Gutfeld blasts ‘despicableBiden and ‘ghoulish freakMayorkas as they propagate CBP horse whip ‘hoax

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Gutfeld had equal criticism for Biden's homeland security chief, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, after the secretary appeared to promptly change his previously circumspect tone on the incident. "[H]e’s absolutely despicable. ...

CNN insider calls Chris Cuomo’s advice to brother on MeToo allegations ‘despicable,’ knocks network’s response

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As first reported by The Washington Post, CNN admitted on Thursday that its primetime host engaged in "onvanpas" strategy meetings with the embattled governor's team earlier this year as he faced multiple accusa...

Ouers in Virginia ontplof skoolraad oor grafiese boeke, kritiese rasteorie: ‘Nogal veragtelik’

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"Dit is net soos dit klink, dis redelik veragtelik," Mobley aan Fox News gesê. Ouers in Virginia het Dinsdag teruggestoot op grafiese boeke en kritieke rasteorie wat in openbare skole in Loudoun County geleer word, inroep...