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Chris Wallace capisce perché molti newyorkesi disprezzano Gov. Cuomo: "Caso completo di jerkdom"

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chiudi Video Chris Wallace: Republican-controlled Senate would give Biden excuse to pushback on progressives ‘Fox News Sunday’ anchor Chris Wallace lays out the stakes of the upcoming Senate runoffs in Georgia. ...

Tucker: Amy Coney Barrett ‘represents everything that made this a great country,’ so Dems ‘despise her

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close Video Carlson: Why Amy Coney Barrett drives Democrats 'completely insane' 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines the reactions of the left to the Supreme Court nominee. Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Con...

rappresentante. McCarthy: Dems want to inflict ‘more painunder COVID-19 just because ‘they despise’ briscola

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chiudi Video Rep. Kevin McCarthy says Democrats would rather see America suffer than watch President Trump succeed Democrats are trying to maximize the severity of the coronavirus shutdowns until the election b...