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Victor Davis Hanson rips the Democratic Party: They’re the party of the ‘elitewho despise the middle class

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Ellos dijeron. "Bien, we don't have the people, but we have the institutions, corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, K-12 academia. Asi que, we can influence opinion without having a majority ...

Newt Gingrich: If you are a big government socialist, you despise the law

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BIDEN BUSINESS VACCINE MANDATES RAISE QUESTIONS FOR MAJOR TRADE GROUPS NEWT GINGRICH: En primer lugar, if you are a big government socialist, you despise the law, you despise the constitution. AOC wearing a "Tax the Ric...

Ingraham: Biden ‘holding America hostageas Democrats ‘remakeUS because they ‘despise us

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"The Democrats have a lot of items on their ‘Remake America’ wish-list: Tax hikes, a huge expansion of government, killing oil & gas, critical race theory – But through it all, they have one overriding priority—h...

Biden, Dems despise Elon Musk now and hope antitrust claims can derail his Twitter takeover

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The FTC is reportedly reviewing Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, possibly setting up a lengthy investigation of potential anti-trust issues with the acquisition. A probe which could delay and possibly torch the deal ...