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Video shows Atlanta suspects using sledgehammer to destroy slot machine

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Die voorval het rondom gebeur 7:30 nm. Saturday night inside a convenience store in the southwestern corner of the city. "Upon arrival, officers spoke with an employee who stated two males entered the location and d...

US Embassy in Afghanistan tells staff to destroy sensitive materials

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The US Embassy in Kabul is instructing personnel to destroy sensitive materials as well as items "which could be misused in propaganda efforts," according to a management notice sent Friday to embassy staff, seen by...

Cuomo resigns: New York Democrat whom governor promised to ‘destroycalls for nursing home accountability

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Kim, D-Flushing, vertel "Die storie" he saw Cuomo's resignation as potentially imminent following the resignation of top aide and defender Melissa DeRosa over the weekend. Kim, a liberal Democrat who had endorsed Sen. B..

Landslide in India kills 9; falling boulders destroy bridge: verslae

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Three others were injured in the incident, which occurred in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, Reuters berig. Dramatic video of the landslide was posted on Twitter that showed large rocks hurtling down a s...

Levin: ‘Neo-MarxistDemocrat ‘enemiesseek to destroy US, as Biden engages in ‘radical cultural attacks

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Hannity called Levin's book a guide to what is going on in America right now as the radical elements of the Democratic Party have come to the forefront as of late, emboldened by full government control and more. "I w...

Greg Gutfeld: U het net 'n klein minderheid nodig om die samelewing te vernietig

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Maar ons moet almal brandstigting veroordeel, korrek is? Wel, nie so vinnig hipotetiese kyker waarmee ek 'n denkbeeldige gesprek voer nie. You haven't heard the story of Daniel Elder. A talented musical artist specializing in leftwi...

Iran gebruik sy gevolmagtigde om Israel te vernietig, hoë prys moet betaal word: Met. Gillerman

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MET. EN GILLERMAN: Dit is regtig Iran wat sy gevolmagtigde gebruik. Beide Hamas in die suide van Israel en Gaza en Hezbollah in die noorde is niks anders as die bloedige tentakels van die verdraaide gedagtes en die aaklige regering van hierdie land nie..

Will Cain beskuldig die liberale media dat hulle terme soos 'sameswering' gebruik’ as wapen om die opposisie te vernietig

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CAIN: Beskuldigings soos samesweringsteorieë, woorde soos disinformasie en verkeerde inligting, dit is nie woorde wat bedoel is om u te lei hoeveel vertroue u in die verhaal moet stel nie. Dit is wapens wat gebruik is om ...

Rob Smith blasts left for ‘woke’ influence on US military: Will destroy it ‘from the inside out’

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"Stuff like this will destroy the military from the inside out if a light is not shone upon it," hy het gesê. Senior adviser to the secretary of defense Bishop Garrison has recently asserted his dominance by pushing to ...

Kathy Ireland on launching a music label, facing rejection as an entrepreneur: ‘It didn’t destroy me

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But the former model-turned-entrepreneur has always known she wanted to make a difference. And it was no different when it came to music. That's why she teamed up with multi-platinum selling artists Marilyn McCoo and...

LeBron James won’t sit with cop for a talk because it would ‘destroythe NBA star’s narrative: Terrell

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LOS ANGELES POLICE OFFICER PENS LETTER TO LEBRON JAMES REQUESTING SITDOWN TO TALK ABOUT POLICING LEO TERRELL: Jy sien, there is a strategy on the left, the extreme left: white officers kill black people. That person ...

Leo Terrell: Biden, Harris want to ‘destroy America’ for ‘ultimate power’

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"Institutionalized racism is to lie to the American people for the sole purpose of power and control, and that power control is an obsession with not only the Democrats, but with the far left," hy het bygevoeg. Video Terrel...

Ben Carson: Ons sal ‘onsself as volk vernietig’ as Amerikaners nie wakker word nie’ en verenig

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SOMMIGE DEMS WORD OPGESTEL OOR PELOSI SE HANTERING VAN MAXINE WATERS 'REVOLTING' CHAUVIN PROEFOPMERKINGS BEN CARSON: Het ons hervormings nodig?? Absoluut. Daar is dinge wat gedoen kan word, en ons kan dit baie beter doen as ons dit bekommer ...

Trump tells Hannity ‘horrible situation’ along southern border could ‘destroy’ America

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Die "Hannity" namesake asked the former president how dangerous the crisis along the border is and why the mainstream media has largely given a pass to President Biden for "cages overflowing with kids" in the middle ...

Cuomo said ‘he can destroy me’: NY assemblyman alleges governor threatened him over nursing homes scandal

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been pleading with lawmakers for support and even threatening political retribution against Democrats who have criticized him in an aggressive effort to contain political fallout from ...

How Donald Trump could destroy the GOP, in 1 easy step

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Moments before Donald Trump boarded Air Force One for the final time on Wednesday morning, he offered this cryptic message to his supporters: "We will be back in some form. Have a good life." Watter, undoubtedly, str...

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