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Cuomo resigns: New York Democrat whom governor promised to ‘destroycalls for nursing home accountability

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김, D-Flushing, 말했다 "이야기" he saw Cuomo's resignation as potentially imminent following the resignation of top aide and defender Melissa DeRosa over the weekend. 김, a liberal Democrat who had endorsed Sen. 비...

벤 카슨: We will ‘destroy ourselves as a nationif Americans don’t wake upand unite

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SOME DEMS UPSET OVER PELOSI'S HANDLING OF MAXINE WATERS' 'REVOLTING' CHAUVIN TRIAL REMARKS BEN CARSON: Do we need some reforms? 물론. There are things that can be done, and we can do those much better if we wor...

US Embassy in Afghanistan tells staff to destroy sensitive materials

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The US Embassy in Kabul is instructing personnel to destroy sensitive materials as well as items "which could be misused in propaganda efforts," according to a management notice sent Friday to embassy staff, seen by...

레오 테렐: 바이든, Harris want to ‘destroy America’ for ‘ultimate power’

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"Institutionalized racism is to lie to the American people for the sole purpose of power and control, and that power control is an obsession with not only the Democrats, but with the far left," 그는 덧붙였다. Video Terrel...

비디오는 애틀랜타가 슬레지 해머를 사용하여 슬롯 머신을 파괴하는 용의자를 보여줍니다.

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사건은 주변에서 일어났다 7:30 오후. 토요일 밤 도시의 남서쪽 구석에 있는 편의점. "도착, 경찰관은 두 명의 남성이 해당 위치에 들어왔다고 말한 직원과 이야기했습니다..

르브론 제임스는 경찰과 대화를 나누지 않을 것입니다.’ NBA 스타의 이야기: Terrell

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LOS ANGELES 경찰관이 LEO TERRELL 정책에 대해 이야기하기 위해 앉아달라고 LEBRON JAMES에게 편지를 보냅니다.: 당신은, 왼쪽에 전략이 있습니다, 극좌: 백인 장교는 흑인을 죽인다. 저 사람 ...

데이비드 마커스: The Emmys prove it’s time to destroy the COVID caste system

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"All men are created equal," Jefferson wrote. No prince of high blood or master of riches has more innate value than any other Americans. But as we watch celebrities, at the Met Gala, at the Emmys, frankly wherever t...

Palm oil that doesn’t destroy forests? One entrepreneur thinks he has the answer

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(CNN 사업)If you read ingredient labels, you'll see palm and palm kernel oil everywhere: in bread, 초콜릿, frozen pizza -- even soap, toothpaste and cosmetics. No wonder the oil palm tree, whose fruit and see...

Kathy Ireland의 음반사 출시, 기업가로서 거부 당하다: 날 파괴하지 않았어’

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하지만 모델로 변신 한 기업가는 항상 자신이 변화를 만들고 싶다는 것을 알고있었습니다.. 그리고 음악에 관해서도 다르지 않았습니다.. 그래서 그녀는 멀티 플래티넘 판매 아티스트 인 Marilyn McCoo와 ...

그렉 구트 펠드: When liberals work, they destroy things

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사실이야 - according to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, Trump rose to 48 퍼센트, Biden dropped to 46. How is Biden even at 46? In a normal world, he’d be at 2% - just ahead of "losing your home in a tornado." Yep –...

An iceberg 80 times the size of Manhattan could destroy a fragile South Atlantic ecosystem

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One of the world's largest icebergs is on a collision course with a South Atlantic island oasis, potentially threatening a rich ecosystem of wildlife including penguins, seals and krill. 그만큼 "A68a" iceberg, which b...

Rob Smith blasts left for ‘woke’ influence on US military: Will destroy it ‘from the inside out’

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"Stuff like this will destroy the military from the inside out if a light is not shone upon it," 그는 말했다. Senior adviser to the secretary of defense Bishop Garrison has recently asserted his dominance by pushing to ...

Milwaukee Bucks debut championship rings, destroy Brooklyn Nets while Steph Curry cooks LeBron James

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On what was a momentous day for the Milwaukee Bucks, it couldn't have gone any better for the now defending NBA champions. The team stormed to its first title in 50 years earlier this year, and on Tuesday, the achi...

3 개 주에서 발생한 산불로 한 사람이 사망하고 수천 에이커가 파괴됩니다.

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산불은 8.7 올해 전국적으로 백만 에이커, 하지만 시즌은 아직 끝나지 않았습니다. 지금, 서부에 세 개의 새로운 산불이 타 오르고 있습니다: 마운틴 뷰 파이어, 파인 헤이븐 ...

Will Cain accuses the liberal media of using terms like ‘conspiracyas a weapon to destroy the opposition

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CAIN: Accusations like conspiracy theories, words like disinformation and misinformation, these aren't words that are meant to guide you as to how much trust you should place in the story. These are weapons used to d...

Rebekah Koffler: Biden nominee prefers Soviet system to free-market economy – don’t let them destroy the US

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As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and communism survivor, I know firsthand the damage central planning can do to an economy and to lives. United States senators must reject "Comrade" Omarova’s radical ideo...

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