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World’s largest firefighting plane grounded as the West braces for another destructive wildfire season

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Amid a drought in the West and warnings of another potentially destructive wildfire season ahead, the owners of the world's largest firefighting air tanker have grounded the massive aircraft, saying it's just not tu...

全国天气预报: Destructive storms to finally exit East Coast

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We could still see some stronger storms as the front extends from the Gulf Coast up to the Northeast, but not as volatile as what some experienced over the last few days. Storm reports in the last 72 小时...

米兰达·迪瓦恩(Miranda Devine): Harry-Meghan interview was ‘selfish, destructivewith Prince Philip in poor health

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QUEEN ELIZABETH TO ENTER 8 DAYS OF MOURNING FOLLOWING PRINCE PHILIP'S DEATH MIRANDA DEVINE: They knew that the Queen had enough on her plate. She and Prince Phillip had been living in a bubble at Windsor Castle becau...

破坏性天气袭击平原, 俄亥俄河谷的风暴风险预测为中西部

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强风暴, 疑似龙卷风袭击大平原, 中西部; 损坏报告 强阵风报告 (信用: 福克斯新闻) 多于 400 风灾报告,许多城市感觉阵风结束 100...

63 seconds that shows why Trump politicizing mask-wearing is so, so destructive

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Thousands of people flocked to Freeland, 密西根州, Thursday night to hear President Donald Trump make the case for why he deserves a second term in office. Very few among those thousands wore a mask. Which prompted ...

A power company’s electrical equipment started one of the most destructive fires in California history

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一个 2018 wildfire that killed three people and destroyed more than 1,600 structures in Southern California was sparked by utility equipment in fierce winds, according to a redacted investigative report determining the...

堪萨斯城取消了对警察的“破坏性和致命性”的努力,’ 密苏里州股份公司在提交法庭之友摘要时说

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在5月 20, 堪萨斯市议会通过了几项法令,有效地取消了对堪萨斯城大都会警察局的资助 (KCPD), 去除 $ 42 百万来自警察部门的预算和行动。.

塔克·卡尔森: China is wondering how America could be this stupid and destructive

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It's so glaringly obvious, 事实上, that the people pushing this war immediately denounce you as a traitor if you point that out. They're betraying our country's interests, but somehow you're the one who's disloyal. ...

Immunologist regrets voting for Biden after ‘draconian’ 疫苗授权: ‘Destructive and divisive

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PENTAGON ORDERS COVID-19 VACCINATIONS FOR SERVICE MEMBERS DR. HOOMAN NOORCHASHM: As a friend to John McCain, I felt that President Biden stands a chance of uniting the country, acting on science, taking down the temp...

Tropical cyclones in Asia could have double the destructive power by the end of century, 研究发现

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Tropical cyclones in Asia could have double the destructive power by the end of the century, 根据新研究, as scientists say the human-made climate crisis is already making them stronger. Using data fr...

布鲁斯: Left ‘unleashing‘most dangerous, diabolical and destructive power grabin modern history

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BRUCE: 今晚, the extreme left is unleashing what is now the most dangerous, diabolical, and destructive power grab in modern political history as the Democrats, along with their enablers in the media, have made cl...

Monica Crowley: Biden’s destructive policies – here’s how to lose a country in 10 月

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If the plotline feels familiar, it’s because we’re currently living a similar script. President Biden seemingly has adapted that screenplay into "How to Lose a Country in 10 Months." Like the fictional writer, he ze...

塔克·卡尔森: 拜登的南部边境政策可能是任何政府做过的最具破坏性的事情

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但是周末, 木星, 佛罗里达, 看起来不像美国 1980 更像是乔拜登现在正忙于创造的美国, 也就是说混乱, 疯狂的, 失控. 家庭坐在床上.

纽特·金里奇抨击“破坏性”, 不诚实’ 福西: “他想挽回名誉”

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在美国国立卫生研究院承认为纽特·金里奇提供资助后,兰德·保罗抨击安东尼·福奇: 在任何理性的社会, 福奇会消失. 他违反了自己的规则. 他在这个背面写了一篇关于 2012, 说话一个...

王牌, 在亚利桑那州, says Biden more destructive ‘than 5 presidents put together

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The former president did not reveal if he would be reseeking the presidency in 2024 — a hope for many of his supporters — but continued to point out what he described as Biden's mishandling of the U.S.-Mexico border,...

Ron Johnson says he is running for reelection because of ‘destructiveDem governance: ‘I can’t walk away

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约翰逊, during his 2016 reelection campaign to continue representing Wisconsin in the U.S. 参议院, 认捐, 如果当选, to only serve two terms. But Johnson told Fox News he "did not anticipate Democrats getting tot...