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Gutfeld rips White House over deadly Afghan crisis: ‘What is deteriorating faster, Kabul or Biden?’

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Host Greg Gutfeld said it appears the White House's "Plan A" – to rely on Taliban militants to protect U.S. personnel and assets – is "moronic", and that the fact it is the current operational strategy shows there is...

Pentagon press secretary: Security situation in Afghanistan is ‘deteriorating

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JOHN KIRBY: Bret, we’re certainly watching this with deep concern. There’s no question that the security situation on the ground is deteriorating... and you saw that just over the course of the last few days, even mo...

Eviction moratorium needed due to ‘deteriorating public health situationrelated to the Delta variant, Dice il DOJ

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Justice Department lawyers defended the Biden administration's most recent eviction moratorium Friday telling a federal judge that because of the "deteriorating public health situation" related to the Delta variant,...