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California mother suspected of killing 3 kids ‘unwellfor months, family member says; father ‘devastated

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LOS ANGELES MOTHER ARRESTED AFTER THREE TODDLERS FOUND STABBED TO DEATH Investigators are working to establish a motive after the bodies of the children, siglos 3, 2 y 6 meses, were discovered by their grandmother w...

Alabama tornado spared a scarf-draped cross as it devastated a Birmingham neighborhood

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Dena Cook lost her roof when a tornado ripped through her Birmingham, Alabama, neighborhood on Thursday, but her faith is stronger than ever after seeing that the scarf-draped cross in her backyard was spared by the...

Zoo staff devastated by loss of 2 giraffes who died in a fire

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Two giraffes died in a fire at a zoo in Virginia on Monday, according to the zoo and the local fire department. Roer's Zoofari said in a Facebook post that staff were "devastado" by the loss of their "beloved giraf...

Covid-19 devastó esta pequeña ciudad. Los voluntarios van de puerta en puerta para asegurarse de que las personas se vacunen

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El último 12 meses han estado cobrando peaje para Linda Harris, que vive en una pequeña ciudad del suroeste de Georgia fuertemente afectada por la pandemia de coronavirus. "Estoy cansado de perder abuelos, abuelas, granddaddys y algunos de nuestros sm ...

Mysterious untreatable fevers once devastated whole families. This doctor discovered what caused them

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It's an ancient disease that may have evolved to confer protection against the plague -- but until 20 hace años que, it had scientists and doctors flummoxed. They couldn't explain why those afflicted, often in the same ...

Chicago priest Michael Pfleger on sex abuse allegation: I am devastated

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Father Michael Pfleger, senior pastor of the St. Sabina parish in Chicago, es "devastado, hurt" and angry after being asked to step aside after an allegation was made against him of sexual abuse of a minor, Pfleger...

A puppy was pulled from the rubble in an area devastated by wildfires. Rescuers named him Trooper

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Authorities in California made an unexpected discovery while searching a property that had been burned by wildfires: a small black puppy. And he was still alive. "These last several days have been hard on our enti...