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Hombre de California sentenciado por ahogar a sus dos hijos en 'diabólico’ esquema de seguros, los fiscales dicen

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Un juez de California condenó a un hombre a 212 years in federal prison for killing his two sons in an insurance scheme worth more than $ 260,000, según un comunicado de prensa del jueves del Departamento de Justicia. Ali F. ...

Bruce: Left ‘unleashing‘most dangerous, diabolical and destructive power grabin modern history

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BRUCE: Esta noche, the extreme left is unleashing what is now the most dangerous, diabolical, and destructive power grab in modern political history as the Democrats, along with their enablers in the media, have made cl...

Levin: ‘The Democrat Party is a very diabolical political organization

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Democrats are promoting the expansive bill which includes a series of social reforms, but the bill has caused a fracture within the party. The multitude of views from progressives to moderate Democrats within the par...

Asra Nomani: New emails show ‘completely diabolicaleffort from Biden admin to go after parents

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"This is the evidence. This email shows that we have not only the Justice Department involved in this diabolical plan but also the Education Department," Nomani told "zorro & Amigos" host Brian Kilmeade Wednesday....

Hannity: Demócratas’ ‘dereliction of dutyon violent crime ‘diabolical

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" … Democrats' dereliction of duty on the issue of violent crime is as undeniable as ever," él dijo. "It's just disgraceful. It's diabolical, and it is destroying our great American cities. People aren't safe and sec...

‘Baywatchactress with Ukrainian roots, Erika Eleniak, ‘sickenedby Russia’s attack: ‘Diabolical behavior

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"I am stunned. I am sad and I am sickened by the attack on Ukraine and the Ukranian people," el primero "vigilantes de la playa" star told Fox News Digital in a statement early Thursday. Eleniak's paternal great-grandfather was on...