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Biden builds out White House digital operation

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President-elect Joe Biden on Monday named a slate of digital operatives to his incoming White House staff, preparing for an administration that, at least at the outset, will conduct most of its public-facing busines...

These were CNN’s top 100 digital stories of 2020

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You know it's been a remarkable year when a devastating global pandemic isn't the only major story capturing people's attention. In a look at CNN's most-read digital stories of 2020, November's historic US president...

Biden’s once maligned digital operation raises big money by embodying candidate

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Washington When Rob Flaherty began describing Joe Biden's digital strategy as a "battle for the soul of the Internet" vroeër die jaar, the Democratic primary had barely ended, the former vice president's campaign w...

Democratic groups turn to digital organizing amid pandemic

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A coalition of Democratic organizations have come together to blanket Americans' digital doorstep in the weekends leading into the November election, pivoting from the traditional tactics of in-person organizing to ...