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A former Idaho gubernatorial candidate was indicted in the killing of a girl who disappeared in 1984

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Più di 35 years after a 12-year-old girl disappeared in Greeley, Colorado, a former Idaho gubernatorial candidate has been indicted in her death. Steven Pankey was indicted in the kidnapping and killing of Jonell...

Grandma Wong was a key figure in Hong Kong’s protest movementuntil she disappeared

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With her gray hair and huge British flag, 64-year-old Alexandra Wong was a striking figure on the frontlines of last year's pro-democracy protests -- until she disappeared. Affectionately nicknamed Grandma Wong ...

Neanderthals disappeared from Europe thousands of years earlier than we thought

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Neanderthal remains believed to belong to some of the last survivors of the species in Europe are thousands of years older than once thought, secondo un nuovo studio. Exactly when Neanderthals, our closest ancesto...

How early pandemic praise for Cuomo, Newsom and Trump disappeared

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Nearly a year ago, New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that all nonessential workers in the state would have to stay home. The announcement was one of many that marked the beginning of the coronavirus pa...

Sospetto arrestato per la morte di un'adolescente scomparsa a 1976

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Evelyn Colon era uno dei cinque fratelli di Jersey City, New Jersey, quando è rimasta incinta 1976 all'età 15 dal suo ragazzo di 19 anni, Luis Sierra. "Allora, le cose erano un po 'diverse," ha detto Miriam Colon-Vel ...