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Los Angeles Lakers fire head coach Frank Vogel after disappointing season

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The Los Angeles Lakers have fired head coach Frank Vogel after the franchise missed out on the NBA playoffs this season. Despite a victory over the Denver Nuggets in his final game on Sunday, Vogel was unable to ste...

Tom Cotton calls Ukraine briefing by Biden admin ‘deeply disappointing’: ‘They’re still scared of Putin

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US MANDER ADMITS BIDEN'S DETERRENCE STRATEGY FAILED IN UKRAINE SEN. TOM COTONE: Dana, I can share that it was a deeply disappointing briefing, but frankly, it's consistent with what the Biden administration has been ...

Mikaela Shiffrin fires back at critics following disappointing Olympics run: ‘It’s not always easy

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Shiffrin competed in five individual races and finished with three "Did Not Finish" marks and no medals. After talking to reporters about her latest failure, she snapped back at critics in a lengthy statement. LIVE U...

Delfini, Vichinghi, Bears part ways with coaches following disappointing seasons

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As is now tradition, the end of the NFL regular season spells the end of the road for some coaches' or executives' with their now former clubs. The Denver Broncos were the first team to make a change as, after losin...

Steve Forbes rips disappointing November jobs report: ‘Government is the problem

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US HIRING STUMBLES IN NOVEMBER AS ECONOMY ADDS JUST 210,000 NEW JOBS STEVE FORBES: What you have is an economy that wants to move ahead but there's still artificial barriers there. sì, we know the huge supply chain ...

Nathan Chen says he has grown since disappointing Pyeongchang Games

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(Reuters)NOI. figure skater Nathan Chen on Monday said his disappointing performance at the Pyeongchang Games in 2018 gave him a fresh perspective on the sport. Chen was forced to settle for fifth place in the indiv...

Gappy Petito autopsy: Forensic pathologist calls lack of information from coroner ‘quite disappointing

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Blue earlier this week announced that Petito died from manual strangulation, weeks after the FBI uncovered the 22-year-old's remains at Bridger-Teton National Forest, north of Jackson Hole on Sept. 19. GABBY PETITO A...

ACC wide open after league’s disappointing opening week

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Its three preseason ranked teams all lost as the league went 7-7, a dent to a conference eager to show it's more than just Clemson at the top. Le tigri, who started at No. 3, fell to No. 2 Georgia 10-3. North Carol...

Bill Cosby accuser slams court’s ‘disappointingconviction reversal

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Bill Cosby accuser slams court's ‘disappointing’ conviction reversalAndrea Constand, a Bill Cosby accuser whose allegations helped put the comedian behind bars, along with her attorneys released a statement Wednesday...

AOC calls Harrisimmigration comments ‘disappointingas VP warns migrants ‘do not come

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In a twitter post, Ocasio-Cortez said coming to the U.S. border seeking asylum is a legal method of arrival. The progressive Democrat also said the U.S. has contributed to destabilization in certain areas of Latin Am...

Stephen King adapts his own book in ‘Lisey’s Story,’ with disappointing results

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Stephen King's usual policy of selling the rights to his books and washing his hands of the results goes out the window in "Lisey's Story," which the prolific author adapted himself. But the Apple TV+ limited series...

La NRA definisce deludente il licenziamento per fallimento, dice che "continuerà a combattere’

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In un comunicato stampa diffuso dopo la notizia del licenziamento fallimentare, Il CEO e vicepresidente esecutivo della NRA Wayne LaPierre ha detto di sì "deluso in alcuni aspetti della decisione" ma aggiunto, "non vi è alcun cambiamento in t ...

Ingraham: Nonostante il rapporto di lavoro deludente, Biden senza problemi porta avanti l'agenda di sinistra

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INGRAHAM: Il team di Biden sembra volere che gli americani si abituino ad avere un tenore di vita più basso, tutto in nome del salvataggio del pianeta, naturalmente. Quindi ora c'è un'opportunità per il GOP di presentare una società pro-classe media..

CNN obsesses over Trump’s White House lawn on homepage, buries Biden’s disappointing jobs report

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The April jobs report released on Friday shocked the nation, which saw just 266,000 jobs created and a rise in unemployment after economists expected roughly 1 million jobs to be created amid the country's economic r...

Biden on disappointing jobs report: ‘We knew this wouldn’t be a sprint, it’d be a marathon

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President Joe Biden said Friday the US economy is "moving in the right direction" but there is still a long way to go after a disappointing Friday jobs report fell well below expectations. "We knew we were facing a...

Suo. Tuberville calls out ‘disappointing partisan slantin military training materials

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Tuberville said the materials, designed to educate the ranks about extremism, exhibit a "disappointing partisan slant" by implying only "certain political thoughts are welcome." "Per esempio, the Navy’s training deck...