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‘Saturday Night Live’ musical guest Lil Nas X laughs off disastrous wardrobe malfunction on live TV

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The singer was on hand as the musical guest alongside celebrity host Anya Taylor-Joy. In the first of two musical performances of the night, Lil Nax X took to the stage to perform his controversial and steamy hit "Mo...

Pete Hegseth blasts ‘disastrousjobs report as Biden tries to spin

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HEGSETH: It’s working! He said so. But it is so? Joe Biden was awoken from his mid-morning nap today so he could read a teleprompter with really big font on it. The font was supposed to have a 7-figure number in it, ...

Marc Anthony apologizes, offers refunds after disastrous virtual concert is ruined by technical difficulties

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The singer also issued an apology on social media after fans who bought tickets waited hours to ultimately be told that his "Una Noche" konsert, which they paid money to attend, would not be happening on Saturday, Ap...

Kelly Loeffler’s disastrous Senate term

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Appointed Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler's loss at the hands of Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) on Tuesday brings to an end one of the most ignominious Senate terms in modern memory. Ja, there have been shorter tenures. (...