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Alabama GOP congressman becomes 4th House member in a week to disclose Covid-19 diagnosis

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Representante republicano. Mike Rogers of Alabama wrote on Twitter Thursday that he tested positive for Covid-19 and was experiencing mild symptoms, the fourth member of Congress in the past week to announce a positive test fo...

Pete Hegseth pide a Biden que revele la ubicación de los migrantes reubicados en Del Rio

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HEGSETH: "Para ser claro: Eso significa que la gran mayoría de los residentes ilegales de Bidenville pronto serán residentes ilegales de los Estados Unidos.. Esto es a lo que ha llegado. Pedir amablemente a los inmigrantes ilegales que se vuelvan ....

Amy Coney Barrett failed to disclose talks on Roe v. Wade hosted by anti-abortion groups on Senate paperwork

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett failed to disclose two talks she gave in 2013 hosted by two anti-abortion student groups on paperwork provided to the Senate ahead of her confirmation hearing to become the next Supreme Court...

El jurado en el juicio de Scott Peterson no reveló ser una víctima

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Los nuevos detalles muestran al jurado 7 no pudo revelar que su novio la golpeó en 2001 mientras ella estaba embarazada. Anteriormente se reveló que ella no reveló que mientras estaba embarazada de otro hijo obtuvo una sujeción..

Kevin Spacey wants court to dismiss lawsuit because accuser won’t disclose identity

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The disgraced actor's attorney argued Tuesday in New York, "Plaintiff C.D.’s claims were filed nearly nine months ago, yet his claims have not been meaningfully pursued due to his continuing refusal to provide his tr...

CDC’s Walensky fails to disclose how many deaths were ‘from’ COVID-19

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CDC Director Walensky fails to disclose how many deaths were 'from' COVID-19: 'Data will be forthcoming'Critics demanded answers from CDC director Rochelle Walensky Sunday after she hedged on how many of the COVID-19...

GOP senators demand teachers union disclose if it is collecting info on critical race theory opponents

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In a letter to National Education Association President Rebecca Pringle, Significado. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Marco Rubio of Florida and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama said they were "deeply concerned" by two resolution...

Jeff Zucker out at CNN after failing to disclose ‘consensual relationship’ with colleague: ‘I was wrong’

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"As part of the investigation into Chris Cuomo’s tenure at CNN, I was asked about a consensual relationship with my closest colleague, someone I have worked with for more than 20 años. I acknowledged the relationshi...

Republicans introduce bill requiring DOJ to disclose info on felony pre-trial releases

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Su. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., y Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Wis., introduced the Pretrial Release Reporting Act on Monday, leading the charge for congressional oversight of law enforcement releases involving people charge...

Indiana police disclose cause of death of young boy found in a suitcase. They are still trying to identify him

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An unidentified child who was found dead in a suitcase last month in southern Indiana died from electrolyte imbalance, funcionarios dijeron el viernes. The autopsy of the boy, believed to be about 5 años, shows that the...