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Massiewe data-oortreding is moontlik ontdek as gevolg van 'ongedwonge fout’ deur vermeende Russiese kuberkrakers

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Amerikaanse amptenare en kundiges in die private sektor wat die massiewe data-oortreding ondersoek wat Washington geskok het, glo toenemend dat die aanvallers uiteindelik ontdek is omdat hulle 'n meer aggressiewe "bereken ...

A tiny boat was discovered on a remote beach 27 years after it was launched by teachers

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A mystery from Lake Superior has been solved, after a tiny boat ended up on the remote shores of one of the Great Lakes. The red, white and blue vessel was found at a remote area on Apostle Islands National Seashor...

Capitol Police investigating after congressman discovered carrying a gun when attempting to go on the House floor

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US Capitol Police are investigating an incident in which a Republican lawmaker was stopped from bringing a concealed gun onto the House floor on Thursday, bronne aan CNN gesê, the first time a member of Congress has be...

New organ in the human throat may have been discovered by Dutch scientists

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It's hard to imagine there is a part of the human body that's gone unnoticed by doctors after centuries of medical research. But that's exactly what a group of scientists from the Netherlands believe. They said they...

Mysterious untreatable fevers once devastated whole families. This doctor discovered what caused them

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It's an ancient disease that may have evolved to confer protection against the plague -- but until 20 jare terug, it had scientists and doctors flummoxed. They couldn't explain why those afflicted, often in the same ...

Newly discovered Triassic lizard could float underwater to pick off prey

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Scientists have discovered a new lizard-like species that lurked in shallow water to pick off its prey -- with the help of a short, flat tail used as a float. Sommige 240 million years ago, the Triassic predator Brevi...

'N Pas ontdekte verkleurmannetjie van minder as 'n sentimeter lank kan die kleinste reptiel ter wêreld wees

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Die kleinste bekende reptiel ter wêreld kan op u vingerpunt pas. Dit staan ​​bekend as Brookesia nana, of "nano-verkleurmannetjie," en dit is 'n vlekagtige bruin akkedis wat gewoonlik nie 'n sentimeter liggaamslengte oorskry nie. Voorheen 2012...

Police seek suspect after human remains discovered in rural southern Colorado

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Denver Colorado authorities have issued a warrant for homicide in connection with the discovery of human remains in rural southern Colorado, het die polisie Woensdag gesê. Local and state authorities announced they had found...

Antarktiese sponse wat onder die ysrak ontdek is, is wetenskaplikes verbaas

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Die toevallige ontdekking van vreemde lewensvorme op 'n rotsblok onder die ysrak van die Antarktika het wetenskaplikes in die war gebring.. Navorsers het deurgedring 900 meter ys in die Filchner-Ronne-ysrak, s ...

Lost German warship discovered on seabed 80 years after sinking

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A German warship sunk by a torpedo during World War II has been found on the seabed off Norway, more than eight decades after it was attacked. Statnett, the Norwegian state-owned power grid operator, made the asto...

Bodies of rich man and slave discovered within Pompeii ruins

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Archaeologists have discovered the exceptionally well-preserved remains of two men scalded to death by the volcanic eruption that destroyed the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in 79 AD, the Italian culture ministry sa...

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