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England to remove another ‘discriminatorybarrier to blood donation

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London England is set to remove an "obsoleto, unnecessary and actively discriminatory" question from blood donor forms, which campaigners say has predominantly affected Black communities' ability to give blood. It ...

Republican AGs urge Garland to appeal ruling that determined illegal reentry law to be discriminatory

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"We appreciate that you recently filed a notice of appeal, preserving your ability to defend the law on appeal. We now urge you to follow through by defending the law before the Ninth Circuit and (se necessario) the S...

Il Nevada approva la legge che vieta le mascotte scolastiche discriminatorie dal punto di vista razziale e le "sirene del tramonto"’

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Lo stato del Nevada sta vietando "discriminatorio razziale" mascotte della scuola dopo che la legge è stata firmata in legge venerdì, oltre a vietare le sirene cittadine storicamente utilizzate per discriminare. Gov. Steve Sisolak si è unito...

A Black softball player says she was forced to cut off her hair beads at a game. Her family wants to change the rule they say is discriminatory

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It was her last home softball game of the season, and Nicole Pyles, a sophomore at Durham Hillside High School in North Carolina, had just hit a double. Her hair, braided with beads and tied in a bun at the bottom o...

Caster Semenya appeals to European Court of Human Rights over ‘discriminatorytestosterone limit

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Caster Semenya, the South African Olympic champion runner, has appealed to the European Court of Human Rights to end "discriminatorio" testosterone limits imposed on female athletes. Semenya is hyperandrogenous -- me...

Argentina rugby captain Pablo Matera, two other players suspended for ‘discriminatory and xenophobic’ post sui social media

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Pablo Matera has been stripped of his role as Argentina's rugby captain and suspended alongside teammates Guido Petti and Santiago Socino for "discriminatory and xenophobic" social media posts dating from between 20...