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Judge revokes bond for man accused of shooting disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh in an attempted insurance fraud scheme

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A South Carolina judge revoked bond Thursday for Curtis Edward Smith, the man accused of shooting disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh in the head last year in an alleged insurance fraud scheme. 史密斯, a former acquain...

DOJ offers to begin settlement discussions with sexual assault survivors of disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Nassar

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The Justice Department has offered to begin settlement discussions with sexual assault survivors of disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, lawmakers and two other people briefed on the matter told...

Chris Cuomo’s Return: Disgraced CNN anchor launches podcast, claims he’ll ‘never be a haterof former network

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Cuomo’s project is set to air on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week and feature prominent guests. The podcast’s YouTube description stated that the show will give Cuomo’s "signature take on today’s pressing current eve...

Donald Sterling, disgraced former NBA team owner, makes rare public appearance in California

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Sterling previously was the owner of the Clippers franchise from 1981-2014, purchasing the team when they were headquartered in San Diego. 单击此处获取更多体育报道 . His early ownership years were mar...

Blood spatter on disgraced attorney’s clothes may tie him to murder scene of wife and son, 消息说

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Blood spatter found on the clothing of disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh could place him at the scene of the murder of his wife and son last year at their South Carolina home, a source with knowledge of the investiga...

耻辱的前众议员. 安东尼韦纳推出新的播客, 声称“无意”再次竞选市长

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这一集主要关注拦截​​和搜身的主题以及它对纽约市不断上升的犯罪率可能产生的影响. 然而, 有一次,韦纳与他的第一位客人交谈, 活动家查理金, 到...

Disgraced celebrity chef Mario Batali opts for non-jury trial in sexual misconduct case

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Batali confirmed the decision to Boston Municipal Court Judge James Stanton as the trial opened Monday morning. Batali pleaded not guilty to a charge of indecent assault and battery in 2019, stemming from accusations...

Disgraced WaPo cartoonist blasted for basing anti-DeSantis cartoon on infamous image of drowned Syrian boy

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De Adder shared an image of the cartoon in a Friday tweet that included a link to the drawing headlined, "Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the Trumpiest one of all?" A new cartoon by liberal Washington Post...

耻辱的前纽约州州长. 安德鲁科莫正在策划卷土重来,这既可怕又令人惊奇

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仅仅七个月后,他身边似乎有一半的女性可信地指责他骚扰, 强迫他辞职, 他正在卷土重来. 它既可怕又令人惊奇. 令人瞠目结舌的胆 ...

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace claims Trump ‘exploitedthe scandal behind Strzok’s disgraced departure from FBI, 司法部

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Strzok was fired from the FBI and DOJ after text messages were uncovered between him and Lisa Page, then an FBI lawyer, which were critical of Trump. The former agent later sued and claimed the termination was wrough...

Disgraced CBS anchor Dan Rather ripped for ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ 采取: ‘Sit down

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Late Wednesday night, Rather tweeted out his take on the popular "Let’s Go Brandon" phrase that has been used as a rebuff against President Biden. WSJ EDITORIAL MOCKS AUTO MANUFACTURERS GETTING ‘DOUBLE-CROSSED’ BY B...


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汉城, 韩国 韩国政府赦免前总统朴槿惠, 谁在服务 22 因腐败入狱多年, 该国司法部周五表示. 朴京美, 发言人...

Jussie Smollett 判决: 美国有线电视新闻网因“某些指控而宣布不光彩的演员有罪”而受到抨击’

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斯莫列特因他精心策划的仇恨犯罪骗局而对他提出的六项指控中的五项被判有罪 2019. JUSSIE SMOLLETT 犯有仇恨罪, 向警察撒谎陪审团认定斯莫列特有罪。.

克里斯库默传奇: 哈珀柯林斯取消了耻辱的 CNN 明星即将出版的书

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"海关大楼不打算出版 Chris Cuomo 的书," 哈珀柯林斯的一位发言人周二向福克斯新闻证实. 克里斯·科莫, CNN 在酝酿之前的“律师” $ 18 数百万关于解雇的法律斗争:...

克里斯科莫无视丑闻, 在电台节目中为耻辱的兄弟安德鲁·科莫辩护

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克里斯·科莫 (Chris Cuomo) 在周二的 Sirius XM 广播节目中介绍了他兄弟辞职的主题 "让我们追求它。" 而不是参考他兄弟的无数丑闻, 然而, 克里斯科莫现身...

在报告发现不光彩的州长压制 COVID 死亡以支持图书交易后,纽约民主党人猛烈抨击库默

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民主党众议员 Ron Kim, 他在疗养院因 COVID-19 失去了叔叔, 猛烈抨击丢脸的前州长 "刑事" 星期二的行动 "狐狸 & 友人" 在纽约州议会司法公司之后。.

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