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Zeldin ties Hochul to Cuomo’s ‘disgraceful legacyin potential ’22 NY gubernatorial election preview

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Minutes after the three-term governor announced that he would resign in the wake of a devastating report by the New York State Attorney General’s Office that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, Zeldin put out a s...

Gregg Jarrett torches Chris, Andrew Cuomo ‘yucking it upon TV as ‘disgracefuland ‘nauseating

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GREGG JARRETT: The clips you just played of Andrew and Chris Cuomo together in this Abbott and Costello routine is really disgraceful – it’s nauseating, it’s shameful for a journalist to be doing that. Think about w...

Tom Cotton: Coca-Cola should be ashamed of ‘disgraceful bootlickingof Chinese Communist Party

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Katoen: We had a hearing yesterday that was disgraceful and pathetic-- one of the most pathetic hearings I have seen. Corporate spokesmen coming up whose corporations sponsor the genocide winter Olympics in Beijing n...

SY. TOM KATOEN: Biden admin’s invite to UN probe into US human rights is ‘disgraceful’

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BLINKEN NODIG VN-GEVOEGTE AAN RASSISME, MINORITY ISSUES TO VISIT US SEN TOM COTTON: [U.S Secretary of State] Ton Blinken, like his boss, [President] Joe Biden is sticking a ‘Kick Me’ sign on Uncle Sam’s back here. Hulle ...

Veteraan wat Ocasio-Cortez vir Huisvesting uitdaag, klap haar 'skandelik’ opmerking oor toenemende misdaad in NYC

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ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ SLAMMED VOOR DIE BEROEP VAN BEKOMMING OOR SPIKE IN MISDAAD 'HYSTERIA' DESI CUELLAR: "ek bedoel, om eerlik te wees, dis skandelik, dit is dat sy dit alles minag, en gesê dat dit net opskrifte oor persentasie is ...

Boris Johnson condemns ‘disgracefulattacks on police at Bristol protest

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned protests in the city of Bristol that saw demonstrators clash with police over a controversial policing bill for a second weekend in a row. Critics say the bill would cur...