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Hawley’s team hits NBC for ‘dishonest characterizationof MLB All-Star move

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In its coverage of the new legislation, NBC described the situation as a sports league "embracing causes associated with progressives, such as protecting voting rights." Hawley press secretary Abigail Marone criticiz...

Newt Gingrich rips Biden’s ‘purely corrupt, stunningly dishonest’ administración

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WHITE HOUSE CONTINUES TO PUSH DEBUNKED ZERO-COST CLAIM ON BIDEN'S AGENDA NEWT GINGRICH: This is a purely corrupt, stunningly dishonest administration with zero regard for the rule of law, and it's not going to last. ...

Zeldin slams Pelosi for praising Biden’s handling of border: ‘She is a dishonest hack

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HERE'S HOW NANCY PELOSI COULD PERSONALLY BENEFIT FROM BIDEN’S $ 2T SPENDING BILL LEE ZELDIN: sí, and it's a reminder that between Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and James Clyburn, the top three members of the House De...

Candace Owens slams left for pinning rising violence on White supremacy: ‘It’s so painfully dishonest’

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Owens: They don't want to tell people the truth, derecho? You brought up father absence. Por supuesto, that's a truth that would really hit home about how we need to get these families together. They're not interested in ...