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Disney World announces new events for 50th anniversary

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Disney World is turning the big 5-0, but the resort isn't letting its age slow it down. Walt Disney World announced a slew of new events, scheduled to begin October 1, in honor of the park's 50th anniversary. The f...

250 gators removed from Disney World and surrounding areas over the past 5 jare

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In the years following the tragic death of a 2-year-old, Disney World and wildlife officials have reportedly removed 250 alligators from the area. Many of the animals removed from the area are euthanized. D ...

‘Boy Meets World’ star-turned-porn actress Maitland Ward penning tell-all about life after Disney

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The 44-year-old entertainer – who has earned quite the performance reputation in the X-rated content space -- is said to be debuting her book, "My Escape From Hollywood: Why I Left to Become a Porn Star," in 2022, ac ...

Disney World verminder koronavirus sosiale distansiëringsprotokolle

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Die Orlando-temapark het onlangs sy webwerf opgedateer om te sê dat dit die fisiese afstandsmaatreëls wat dit ingestel het, sou verminder om die verspreiding van die koronavirus te vertraag.. Egter, veranderinge sal nie onmiddellik aangebring word nie. Ins ...

Disney wêreld, Universal Studios stopping temperature checks for guests

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Onlangs, Disney World updated its website saying that it would be phasing out temperature screenings this month. Starting Saturday, cast members will no longer have to undergo onsite temperature checks. Intussen, ...

Chris Rufo: Once great Disney is telling America it’s ‘fundamentally racist,’ ‘founded on discrimination

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CHRIS RUFO: Disney is saying is we should reject the idea of equality, that people should be treated equally, regardless of their skin color, and they say they need to pursue a policy of equity where people achieve e...

‘American Idol’ features a Disney songbook night

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"Amerikaanse afgod" featured a Disney night on Sunday, met 10 artists from Season 18 given a second chance to win the final spot in the Top 10. Season 18's runner-up Arthur Gunn won the spot. Intussen, the top nine ...

Parents of boy killed by alligator at Disney World advocate for pediatric organ donation in new campaign

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In Junie 2016, Lane Thomas Graves was playing on a beach outside Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa when an alligator attacked, grabbing and dragging him into the lake. Father Matt Graves jumped into the water, b ...

Disney chief says ABC passed on ‘incredibly well-written scriptsthat lacked diversity

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"I will tell you for the first time we received some incredibly well-written scripts that did not satisfy our standards in terms of inclusion, and we passed on them," Dana Walden, Walt Disney Television's Chairman of...

'N Man uit Texas het van Disneyland na Disney World gehardloop. Hier is hoekom

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'N Texas man, wat bewus wil maak van diabetes, pas van Disneyland in Suid-Kalifornië na Walt Disney World in Orlando gehardloop, Florida. Don Muchow, 59, begin met sy doel om oor die eenheid te hardloop..

Texas man sets record, runs from Disneyland to Disney World for Type 1 diabetes awareness: ‘Surreal

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One determined man in Texas makes history as the first person to run from Disneyland to Disney World, completing the grueling challenge to raise awareness for Type 1 suikersiekte. Don Muchow of Plano achieved a dream on ...

Disney World open COVID-19-inentingskliniek vir werknemers: ‘Nog 'n opsie’

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Walt Disney World het 'n private inentingsterrein vir koronavirus geopen vir werknemers om ingeënt te word, het die Florida-temapark Donderdag aan Fox News bevestig. Die kliniek word bestuur deur die Walt Disney World Health S. ...

Teen saves drowning toddler during spring break trip to Disney World

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A teenager visiting Disney World in Florida rescued a toddler from drowning at a hotel pool. Volgens berigte, the young woman pulled the child out of the water just in time. Kaydence Henslee, a 13-year-old from...

Disney Cruise Line cancels US sailings through June

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Op Dinsdag, the operator announced that it has canceled all cruises departing from the U.S. through June 2021. Disney’s decision to cancel more of its cruises comes days after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and...

Disney+ unveils ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ gooi

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The world of "Obi-Wan Kenobi" is taking shape. Disney+ on Monday revealed the cast for the upcoming "special event series" that is set 10 years after the events in "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith." Joining Ewan M...

Disney World cancels Super Bowl Parade due to the pandemic

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As fans prepare to watch Super Bowl LV on Sunday, Disney has some bad news: There will be no Super Bowl victory parade down the Magic Kingdom's Main Street U.S.A. this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Die 20...

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