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Rob Portman’s legacy on crack sentencing disparities

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Under Portman’s steady leadership, Congress finally appears ready to acknowledge and fix a glaring 35-year-old legislative mistake. The Eliminating a Quantifiably Unjust Application of the Law (EQUAL) daad, which over...

Early detection of autism in children has improved, but disparities remain, CDC studies suggest

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Early detection of autism in children has improved, but disparities remain in practices to identify and diagnose the condition, according to studies published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Preve...

Vaccination disparities reflect ‘two Americasthis July 4th

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Millions of Americans have their lives and livelihoods back and are basking in a summer of freedom. But a divided nation's varied faith in vaccines and a more infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus are thwartin...

AAPI adults have the highest vaccination rate in NYC, but advocates say figure masks wide disparities

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Asian American and Pacific Islanders in New York City have the highest rate of vaccination among adult residents with at least one Covid-19 shot, according to New York City's Citywide Immunization Registry. Maar ...

CDC ‘doing the biddingof the Biden administration by making health disparities a race issue: Paris Dennard

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RACISM IS ‘A SERIOUS PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT,’ CDC SAYS PARIS DENNARD: When I heard this statement from the CDC director, I was appalled because instead of focusing on health disparities, which is what we should do beca...

Campaigners slam UK government report into racial disparities as a ‘whitewash

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London A highly anticipated report from a commission set up by the UK government to look into racial disparities in the country has been described as a "whitewash" by campaigners after it stated that there is no evid...

A Latina councilmember’s discussion on Zoom about racial disparities was interrupted by people laughing about her accent

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The irony of it all is that the laughter came during a discussion about racial inequities. Nancy Navarro, a member of the Montgomery County Council in Maryland, was speaking during a virtual meeting on Tuesday about...

New York officials plan to redouble efforts to fix racial disparities in vaccination rates

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New York New York officials acknowledged Monday there's a clear racial disparity among the people who have received vaccine doses to date and the city needs to redouble its efforts to address inequitable access. "Ons ...