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911 audio rilasciato della disputa domestica del procuratore dello stato di Chicago Kim Foxx con il marito: 'uscire'

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Kelley Foxx ha chiamato 911 per denunciare una disputa domestica con la moglie a giugno 4 in giro 10 p.m., secondo un rapporto della polizia. L'audio, ottenuto da Fox News tramite una richiesta di registri pubblici, Kelley Foxx può essere ascoltato tel...

Supreme Court steps into international custody dispute, giving lower courts more discretion

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Washington In an international child custody dispute, the Supreme Court said Wednesday that once a US court finds that returning an abducted child to the home country would subject the child to grave risk, courts are...

Philadelphia Chick-fil-A worker shot by delivery driver during dispute over food order, dice la polizia

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Officers responded just before 8:30 p.m. to the delivery-only restaurant on the 800 block of Adams Avenue, Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters at the scene. Officers found a 17-year-old male with a gunshot wou...

Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx allegedly slapped husband during domestic dispute: police report

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A police officer from the Flossmoor Police Department in Illinois was dispatched to a home on June 4 attorno 10:00 p.m. in response to a domestic dispute between Kim Foxx and her husband, Kelley Foxx. Kelley Foxx d...

Neve Campbell exits ‘Scream 6over pay dispute: ‘Did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise

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Campbell, who plays the perpetually targeted Sidney Prescott in the long-running slasher series, will not be reprising her role in the upcoming installment because she felt "the offer that was presented to me did not...

Arizona investigators are reviewing officer conduct after a man drowned in a reservoir during a domestic dispute call

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State and local agencies will investigate the death of a man in Tempe, Arizona, last month who drowned after police officers responding to a disturbance call did not enter the water to reach the man, city and state ...

Norwegian settles dispute with Boeing and buys 50 737 Max jets

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OsloNorwegian Air has agreed to buy 50 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft and secured options for a further 30 of the planes at an undisclosed price, ending a contract dispute between the two companies, the budget carrier sai...

Chicago-area man allegedly slashes another man with machete in parking spot dispute

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Rashad Crosby, 25, of Calumet City, is charged with attempted first-degree murder for his actions during the confrontation, the Lansing Police Department said. Officers initially responded to the incident around 6:3...

‘Rust’ producers dispute New Mexico safety agency’s pricey penalty: rapporto

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Rust Movie Productions LLC filed a notice of contest on Tuesday arguing that the findings by the New Mexico Environmental Department’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (NMED) – which last month fined the company...

South Carolina officer killed while responding to domestic dispute, a dangerous circumstance for police

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A South Carolina police officer was killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic disturbance Sunday, dice la polizia. The suspect accused of fatally shooting 28-year-old Roy Andrew "Ha disegnato" Barr, an officer w...

A bystander is killed in New York after a shot was fired during a dispute nearby

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A woman was shot in the back and killed while walking in the New York borough of the Bronx on Monday night as two groups were having a dispute nearby, hanno detto i funzionari. Multiple guns were pulled during the dispute and...

si aspettano uno tsunami, 73, pummeled in Publix parking lot after verbal dispute, dice la polizia

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Winter Haven police have secured an arrest warrant for 43-year-old Donald Ray Walker, of Indian Lake Estates, who remains on the loose after video captured him brutally beating the victim, Winter Haven police said Mo...

US Soccer and USWNT reach $24M agreement on equal pay dispute

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US Soccer and the United States Women's National Team (USWNT) have agreed to resolve "the outstanding equal pay claims in litigation that has been pending since March 2019." In a joint statement on Tuesday, US Socce...

Washington state sheriff’s deputies stable following shooting during neighbors’ disputa

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The Whatcom County sheriff’s deputies shot Thursday evening were deemed medically stable as of Friday, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office announced in a Facebook post. One of the deputies remained at the hospital wh...

con coronavirus non più considerato a 2018

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con coronavirus non più considerato a, con coronavirus non più considerato a. Il 2018 con coronavirus non più considerato a.

Alabama asks Supreme Court to intervene in congressional redistricting dispute

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Alabama asked the Supreme Court on Friday to freeze a lower court decision ordering the state to redraw its congressional map, marking the first 2022 election dispute to reach the high court. Nelle carte del tribunale, the s...