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Israel Olympian apologizes for TikTok bed video: ‘We meant no disrespect

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The bed, which had been facetiously deemed the anti-sex bed before the Games officially kicked off, was made of recyclable cardboard and drew the ire of some Olympians. About nine Israeli baseball players were seen o...

Leeus’ Jared Goff op laaste oomblikke saam met Rams: 'Sommige disrespek het teen die einde gevoel’

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Egter, Goff en die Leeus sal die Los Angeles Rams moet aandurf. Goff is in die buiteseisoen vir Matthew Stafford van die Rams na die Leeus verruil. Albei agterspelers pak hul voormalige spanne vir die eerste keer..

‘Tiger MomAmy Chua denies allegations of inappropriate parties, slams disrespect and lack of due process

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The law school professor, famously known as Tiger Mom, also stated that she couldn’t imagine that any other member of the faculty would be treated the way she had been in response to the allegations. According to the...

Restaurant closes for ‘day of kindnessafter customers disrespect staff

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The owners of Brewster-based Apt Cape Cod decided to shut down for a "day of kindness" after a slew of customers apparently mistreated its staff, cursed and demanded take orders before the restaurant even opened for ...