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Injuries, discipline and COVID disrupt US in qualifying

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Less than a week into World Cup qualifying, much has gone wrong for the United States, which is back at another challenging Central American stadium. The Americans play Honduras on Wednesday night with intense pressu...

Justice Clarence Thomas rejects longshot bid to disrupt Biden’s mask mandate for public transport

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Washington Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday rejected an emergency request to block Biden administration's Covid-19 mask requirement for public travel. The request was brought by a man seeking to leave Florida by a...

Regsgedinge wat Biden se oorwinning in vier state probeer ontwrig, word teruggetrek

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Voters in four states who had brought longshot lawsuits to disrupt President-elect Joe Biden's win and went nowhere in court have dropped their cases Monday morning. Die gevalle was van korte duur in Georgië, Wisconsin...

Polish women disrupt church services in protest at abortion ban

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Protesters have disrupted church services across Poland in the latest in a series of demonstrations following a near-total ban on abortion, announced last week. Sunday marked the fourth day of protests after Poland...