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White House enlists media platforms and personalities to distribute ‘Biden propaganda’: Tulsi Gabbard

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TULSI GABBARD: They're afraid of the truth. They're afraid of even a single voice coming out as challenging the power elite, questioning them, daring to hold a dissenting view. And they're afraid because their argume...

Leo Terrell hammers Biden admin plan to distribute ‘smoking kits’: ‘How does this achieve racial equality?’

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"Ek wil baie duidelik wees. They are using the term racial equity. Racial equity is a code for affirmative action, low expectations. You’re basically having a government involved in distributing equipment, pipes to hel...

Biden administration to distribute 400 million N95 masks to the public for free

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Washington The Biden administration will make 400 million N95 masks available to Americans for free starting next week, het 'n amptenaar van die Withuis aan CNN gesê, the latest federal step aimed at reining in the US' Covid-19 su...

DeSantis announces Florida will distribute 1 million at-home COVID-19 tests, knocks Biden’s ‘failed’ beloftes

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Goewerneur. DeSantis told Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade the news, while knocking President Biden's lack of urgency in securing the tests for Americans across the nation. "The Biden administration promis...

Biden admin’s plan to distribute 500M COVID tests starting next month not nearly enough, gesondheidskenners sê

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Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School Public Health, said the administration’s failure to roll out kits before the Christmas and New Year’s holidays was ...

'Moderne Familie' ster, Kansas-polisie versprei 600 Kershamme ter nagedagtenis aan akteur se oorlede pa

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Klipstraat, 50, 'n boorling van Kansas City, Kansas, het polisiebeamptes in sy tuisdorp gehelp om te versprei 600 gratis hamme vir Kersfees aan plaaslike inwoners, JAKKALS 4 van Kansas City, Missouri, berig. Dit het alles begin toe Stones ...

Simon & Schuster won’t distribute book by a Louisville police officer involved in the Breonna Taylor raid

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Simon & Schuster said it won't distribute a book written by the Louisville police officer who was shot while executing a no-knock warrant at the home of Breonna Taylor, who was killed in the raid. Sgt. Jonathan...

Bill Gates says presidential transition is ‘complicatingUS efforts to distribute vaccine

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, whose foundation has been part of the effort to develop and deliver Covid-19 vaccines, said Sunday that the presidential transition is "complicating" efforts to distribute one, but t...

Washington Post: WH nixed plan to distribute 650 million face masks through USPS

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Washington The United States Postal Service had planned to distribute 650 million face coverings for the Trump administration in April to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to newly obtained internal ...