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Biden unveils first slate of judicial nominees featuring diverse and history-making selections

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President Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled a diverse slate of 11 judicial nominees, including three African American women for Circuit Court vacancies and a candidate who, if confirmed, would be the first Muslim Americ...

Teen invents playing cards that are gender-equaland diverse

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In card games, you play the hand you're dealt. Maayan Segal wants that hand to be more diverse. By 16 jaar oud, she's released the second iteration of her gender-equal playing card deck, Queeng -- this time, it em...

Blinken says he aims to create a more diverse State Department

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Washington Secretary of State Antony Blinken will launch a diversity initiative to make the US' oldest Cabinet agency look more like America itself, an effort he is framing as a national security imperative to make t...

Why inclusive policy is a critical next step for diverse Biden administration

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Washington On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris ceremonially swore in President Joe Biden's defense secretary pick, retired Gen. Lloyd Austin, on a day that also saw the President reverse his predecessor's transge...

Biden moves quickly to build a diverse administration

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Washington President-elect Joe Biden has repeatedly promised to build a government that "looks like America." He's not wasting any time in delivering on that front. Biden has moved quickly to name a diverse group to...

Biden campaign grows more diverse with people of color making up nearly half of staff

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Joe Biden's presidential campaign grew more diverse in its staffing over the summer months with people of color now making up nearly half of the campaign's full-time staff and women on the campaign growing in their ...