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For MLB All-Star Game, right/left divide goes beyond field

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This year it extends to the political divide in the United States. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred shifted Tuesday’s game to Denver’s Coors Field from Atlanta’s Truist Park because of a Georgia voting law that crit...

March Madness: How college basketball bridges the partisan divide

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If you're like me, you've filled out an NCAA college basketball tournament bracket. Many Americans do, and it seems that taking part in the fun is one of the least controversial things you can do. There's a good re...

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: Our challenge isn’t simply COVID, but overcoming those who politicize it to divide US

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上手, the greatest man in the history of the world is back. はい, our former 44th president has given the middle finger to the CDC by inviting over 500 people to his 60th birthday party at his 12 million dollar Martha...

博士. Ben Carson laments migrant children being ‘used as pawnsin ‘effort to divide this country

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カーソン: Having spent almost my entire professional career dealing with children and the issues of children, obviously it breaks my heart to see these children being treated this way, and I don't know that anybody rea...

CNN世論調査: Most satisfied with Chauvin verdict, but partisans divide

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More than three-quarters of Americans say they are satisfied with the guilty verdict in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd last spring in Minneapolis, according to a CNN ...

担当者. Byron Donalds: Left got caught trying to divide our country through schools

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PARENTS CONTINUE BLASTING DOJ, SCHOOL BOARDS AMID PROBE INTO VIOLENT THREATS REP. BYRON DONALDS: "The left got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They’re the ones that spilt the milkshake on the table and tri...

Carson accuses Democrats of using race ‘to divide people and to provide power for a political class

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"As a neurosurgeon, when I open that head and operate on a brain, which makes you who you are, I can't tell whether you are Black, 白い, Yellow or Brown," Carson told host Laura Ingraham. "It's absurd. "We need to m...


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水曜日のBBCのレポート, タリバンの高官を引用, 戦いは、米国を打ち負かしたことで信用を得たいと考えていた2つの派閥の間であったと述べた. Mulllah Abdul Ghani Baradar, タリバンの副首相,...

ボンジーノ: NY Timesは、自由を望んでいるキューバ人についてツイートしました。’ アメリカにおける左右のイデオロギーの分裂

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"「自由」やその他の反政府スローガンを叫ぶ, 数百人のキューバ人が日曜日に全国の都市の街頭に出て、食糧と薬の不足に抗議した。, 不満の顕著な噴火ではなく ...


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米国は、アメリカ人が人種平等に向けた国の進歩をどのように見ているかで深く分かれており、その分裂の多くは、有色人種と白人の異なる信念に反映されています。, による...

10 GOP senators respond to White House but underscore deep divide on Covid-19 relief package

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ザ・ 10 Senate Republicans who met with President Joe Biden this week on his coronavirus relief package sent a detailed letter to the White House laying out a series of concerns about the proposal, according to a let...

カイル・リッテンハウス殺人事件の裁判は、私たちの国の「広大な分裂」にスポットライトを当てています: ロン・ジョンソン

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"この裁判で強調されたのは、この国におけるこの広大な分裂です。," 彼は言った. "バイデン大統領は就任演説で、彼の主な目標はこの国を統一し、癒すことであると述べた. 彼はそれを達成していません。.

Ben Domenech rips the left using sports to divide America

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グレッグ・ガットフェルド: THE WOKE LEFT HAS DRAGGED US INTO THE NONSENSE WORLD THEY LIVE IN BEN DOMENECH: Americans are tired of this woke crap. Particularly when it's filled with the underlying hypocrisy of kowtowing to the i...

バイデンのパーティザンはトランプと同じくらい広く分裂している: 投票

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バイデンはに立っています 54% 承認と 41% モンマス大学が水曜日に発表した全国世論調査での不承認. それはバイデンのにかなり近いです 55% 承認と 40% 最新の大統領の平均での不承認 ...

重要な人種理論は「分割するように設計されています’ そして両親はそれを呼び出す権利があります: ダグラスマレー

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イリノイ州の父は、批判的な人種理論に反対するスピーチのためにバイラルになります: 「ナンセンスの束」と美徳シグナリングダグラスマレー: CRT, 多くのトランスジェンダーのように, イデオロギー—分割するように設計されています. それが意味することです ...

NASA plan for Wi-Fi on the moon tested to span Cleveland’s digital divide

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The Compass Lab at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland conducted the study in an effort to address connectivity concerns on Earth as a test-case for space. Local neighborhoods were compared to the size of the p...

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