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Jill Biden gives Kelly Clarkson advice on her divorce

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Jill Biden offered Kelly Clarkson advice amid her divorce from Brandon Blackstock. The first lady appeared on "Die Kelly Clarkson Show," telling Clarkson to look forward to the future. The singer filed for divorce ...

Die Chinese hof beveel die man om die vrou te betaal $7,700 vir huishoudelike werk in 'n egskeidingsaak

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'N Hof in China het 'n man beveel om sy voormalige vrou duisende dollars in vergoeding te betaal vir huishoudelike werk wat sy tydens hul huwelik van vyf jaar opgedoen het., in 'n belangrike egskeidingsuitspraak wat aanleiding gegee het tot bespreking ...

Kim Kardashian West files for divorce from Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian West has filed for divorce from Kanye West, a court clerk for Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed to CNN on Friday. Christy Welder, a representative for Kardashian West, confirmed the divorce filing ...

Christina Anstead is back to her maiden name on Instagram amid divorce

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Nuwe jaar, the old you. That's the case for Christina Anstead, who has changed her name amid her divorce from Ant Anstead. She will now go by her maiden name, Christina Haack, according to her Instagram bio. Haack,...

A Tennessee law firm is offering a free divorce for Valentine’s Day

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For happy couples, Valentine's Day is an excuse for romance, often celebrated with extravagant dinners and thoughtful gifts. But on February 14, unhappy couples remember all the reasons they can't stand each other. ...

Finalizing their divorce from Britain, Harry and Meghan repay $3 million spent on renovating their UK home

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London The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have repaid the $ 3 million of public money that they used to renovate their home in the UK. Settling the debt could be regarded as the couple's final move in their split with ...