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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are officially divorced

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Shriver, 66, initially filed for divorce from Schwarzenegger, 74, nel mese di luglio 2011. Shriver and Schwarzenegger's property settlement has kept the divorce from being finalized all these years. The divorce came after new...

Biden’s Afghanistan speech panned for being ‘divorcedfrom reality on the ground

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Among Biden's claims that were quickly debunked was his assertion that al Qaeda is "andato" from Afghanistan. Just minutes later, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that "there is an al Qaeda presence in Afghan...

"Stelle pedone"’ la star Rick Harrison ha divorziato dalla terza moglie più di un anno fa

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Un rappresentante della star del reality TV ha confermato lunedì a Fox News che la coppia è stata separata da tempo. "Posso confermare che Rick è divorziato ed è così dall'estate scorsa," ha detto il portavoce. Secondo i documenti legali ottenuti...

Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood divorced 5 anni dopo la separazione

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Us Weekly has confirmed that a judge granted a dissolution of marriage in the case on Wednesday, Maggio 26. While the marriage is legally kaput, the exes are still engaged in a bitter courtroom battle over custody of th...

Anna Duggar should have divorced Josh Duggar years ago, dice la fonte

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She later defended her husband of 12 anni, telling critics he's a "diligent worker" after questions about the couple's finances were raised. In aprile 29, NOI. Marshals would assist in the arrest of Josh, 33, who has...

Tammy Bruce rips Biden, Democrats for radical agenda: Can it be ‘any more divorced’ from American priority?

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TAMMY BRUCE: What we’ve seen over the last 100 days is surrendering his agenda to the most extreme elements in his party and breathing life into the Democrats most radical and reckless plans like court-packing and po...