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Programma NFL 2022: Chiefs make history with first eight games on docket

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The Chiefs made history Thursday night during the NFL’s schedule release, becoming the first team to begin a season with eight opponents that finished with winning records the previous season, according to Elias Spor...

Here’s what the ‘shadow docketis and how the Supreme Court uses it

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Washington Chief Justice John Roberts turned heads this week when he criticized how the Supreme Court's conservatives used the emergency docket, referred to by some as the shadow docket. The shadow docket is simply t...

Chief Justice Roberts joins with liberals to criticize ‘shadow docketas court reinstates Trump-era EPA rule

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UN 5-4 Supreme Court reinstated a Trump-era rule Wednesday that restricts the authority of states to reject federal permits under the Clean Water Act in another ruling putting the court's emergency docket in the spot...

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearing on Supreme Court’s abortion ruling and ‘shadow docket

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The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Friday that it plans to hold a hearing examining Texas' six-week abortion ban and the controversial, expedited Supreme Court procedure that allowed it to take effect this wee...

Biden must end the era of the rocket docket

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Kica Matos is the vice president of initiatives at the Vera Institute of Justice. Le opinioni espresse in questo commento sono le sue. Visualizza altre opinioni sulla CNN. Di mercoledì, US Attorney General Merrick Garland vacat...