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Capitol photos, videos lead to California doctor’s arrest

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关闭Video Fox News Flash一月份的头条新闻 19 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. 天使 (美联社) — A Beverly Hills doctor who has criticized the coronavi...

Private practice doctors flag concerns on when they and their patients will receive Covid-19 vaccine

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(KHN)博士. Andrew Carroll — a family doctor in Chandler, Arizona — wants to help his patients get immunized against Covid-19, so he paid more than $ 4,000 to buy an ultra-low-temperature freezer from eBay needed to s...

Rare doctor’s note reveals Napoleon Bonaparte’s poor health in later years

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A rare note written by a doctor who treated Napoleon Bonaparte has revealed how the French military leader and emperor suffered with sickness and pain in the years before his death. 信, dated June 4, 1818, w ...

每个国家都有疫苗怀疑论者. 在俄国, 医生在他们的队伍中

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迫切期待已久的辉瑞-BioNTech冠状病毒疫苗的第一批接受者的莫斯科新闻在美国和英国大部分地区出现新的封锁和感染激增的情况下激发了一些希望和兴奋. 但是在俄罗斯,...

These doctors and nurses are celebrating the holiday season with Christmas trees adorned with PPE

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It has been a tough year, full of loss and hardship, social distancing and zoom calls. But doctors and nurses some are spreading holiday cheer with Christmas trees decorated with personal protective equipment. Kat...

It’s not just doctors and nurses who are getting the first vaccines. Some housekeeping staff are at the top of the list

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The first Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines are here, but it's not just doctors and nurses who are getting them first. At the Virginia Bedford Healthcare System, Andrew Miller -- a housekeeper in the Environmen...

California hospital beds are filling up and doctors and nurses are just worn out

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今年早些时候, medical facilities in California were tested by the emerging coronavirus pandemic -- but now things are different, a top hospital official told CNN on Monday. Doctors and nurses back then were wor...

Coronavirus overwhelming tiny rural hospitals where weary doctors treat family, 朋友们

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close Video Health officials warn of surge in COVID-19 cases after Thanksgiving Fox News correspondent Casey Stegall joins 'Special Report' with the latest on the pandemic MEMPHIS, 莫. – As Dr. Shane Wilson mak...

Investigators search doctor’s office, probing Maradona death

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关闭11月Video Fox News Flash头条新闻 29 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. Argentine police searched the home and office of one of Diego Maradona's...

Chinese doctors jailed for illegally harvesting organs of accident victims

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关闭11月Video Fox News Flash头条新闻 28 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. Six people have been jailed in China after tracking down the families of...

Doctors fear COVID-19 worst for college basketball: ‘Horrible idea’

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关闭11月Video Fox News Flash头条新闻 21 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. 博士. [R. Dawn Comstock wants to be clear: She’s a sports fan. As a doctor ...

雷尼尔山的徒步旅行者“基本上死了’ 对于 45 分钟 — 直到西雅图的一组医生恢复了他的心脏

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一名徒步旅行者,他在华盛顿雷尼尔山的山顶条件下被发现 "从死里复活," 他的医生说, 在他的心脏停下来之后 45 分钟. 迈克尔·纳平斯基, 45, 在到达后被赋予生命维持。.

Outdoor dining bubbles aren’t as safe as you’d think, doctors say

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close Video Long Island restaurants says outdoor dining won't save their businesses John Coumatos, owner of B.K. Sweeney's Parkside Tavern and Don Schiavetta, owner of Campagne House, weigh in as restaurants mov...

Stay inside this Halloween with your household, doctors say

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With the threat of Covid-19, trick-or-treating may not be safe this year and kids should be kept home, three professors from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine warned in written statements on We...

Some doctors fighting the pandemic now have another thing to worry about

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For months Dr. Jinedra Satiya has faced fears on the frontlines of a deadly pandemic, treating coronavirus patients. But now the doctor, on a fellowship at a Boston hospital, is facing a new anxiety: that new immigr...

怀孕的芝加哥妇女在射击中死亡; 医生送婴儿

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关闭Video Fox News Flash十月份的头条新闻 13 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. 一个女婴,她的母亲去世后于周二早产。.

它的. Tillis gets doctor’s approval to end coronavirus quarantine, says he will join Barrett hearing in person

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关闭Video Sen. Tillis on the Supreme Court vacancy, how to proceed Senate Judiciary Committee member Thom Tillis joins 'Bill Hemmer Reports' with insight. 它的. 汤姆·提利斯, R-N.C。, announced Tuesday that he i...

Trump puts his own spin on his health as doctors reveal little

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Washington President Donald Trump is spinning up his own claims about his health, including that he is no longer contagious with coronavirus, filling up the information void left by his doctors' lack of public candor...

正面碰撞后,布兰科·布朗的医生“期望他能完全康复”: 代表

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关闭Video Fox News九月份头条新闻 14 Fox News Flash娱乐和名人头条新闻在这里. 看看今天娱乐圈的点击情况. Country singer Blanco...

The FDA’s new app for frontline doctors could help discover Covid-19 treatments faster

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In the trenches of the fight against coronavirus, 博士. Raghav Tirupathi often has little time to think and no textbook to follow while treating patients with Covid-19. That's why the infectious disease specialist in ...

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