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'I cinque’ fa esplodere l'"insensato" di Biden’ conferenza stampa: 'Interiorizza ciò che sta dicendo??’

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Host Dana Perino, ex addetto stampa del presidente George W. cespuglio, ha criticato la consegna di Biden, la priorità della sua agenda politica rispetto alla crisi afgana, e il suo rifiuto ancora una volta di prendere q...

Massachusetts police in standoff with armed group that ‘does not recognize our laws

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During a traffic stop early Saturday morning, approximately eight men carrying rifles and handguns fled into the nearby woods off Route 95/128. Police say the men claim to be from a group that "does not recognize our...

CMT Music Awards nominee Miranda Lambert wows with campfire performance of ‘Tequila Does,’ honors Texas roots

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The 37-year-old singer-songwriter was introduced by "Girls5Eva" star Busy Philipps, who encouraged fans to enjoy the number, which also featured Jon Randall and Jack Ingram. The trio performed Lambert's hit "Tequila ...

Biden immigration, border security messaging ‘does not reflect reality’: Chad Wolf

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WOLF: Il problema è, is there their messaging does not reflect reality and the policies that are going on. So if you're a minor or if you're a family member, the odds of you being released into the United States, ge...

MSNBC’s Joy Reid mocks parents who say opposing critical race theory doesn’t make them racist: ‘It does

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There has been a growing push by Democrats nationwide, including by the Biden administration, to implement CRT and the controversial 1619 Project into children's education as part of the cultural reckoning following ...