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Corral, Stoops spice up SEC while ‘Bama, ‘Dogs lead the pack

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Eight of the past nine Southeastern Conference championship games have featured either the Bulldogs or the Crimson Tide -- or both. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Halfway through the season Alabama and Ge...

Drone operator will try to rescue dogs from La Palma volcano

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A Spanish drone operator on Tuesday received permission to try to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped near a volcano in the Canary Islands, by catching them with a remote-controlled net and flying them out over a str...

‘A Dog’s Journeystar Kathryn Prescott in ICU after being hit by cement truck

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According to the British actress' twin sister, Megan Prescott, the accident happened on Tuesday in New York. In a post written Thursday on Instagram, Megan explained how Kathryn, 30, was crossing a street when the tr...

Australian rescue dogs shot over COVID restrictions: verslag doen

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A group of dogs that was set to be sent to a rescue were instead shot and killed by local officials, volgens plaaslike verslae. This was apparently done in order to prevent shelter volunteers from traveling and pot...

Dog’s tail bitten off after alligator attacks it during walk

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An alligator dragged a dog into a body of water while the canine was out for a walk with its owner. The swift attack occurred before the owner could react. Gelukkig, the dog’s owner wasn’t willing to let his belov...

Fauci onder skoot oor die berig dat NIAID $ 400k bestee het aan navorsing wat honde met parasiete besmet

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Die projek berig dat dr. Anthony Fauci se burokrasie se begroting in 2021 is 'n geskatte $ 6 miljard, en dat dokumente verkry deur FOIA bewys toon van 'n studie waarin andersins gesonde brakke behandel is..

Florida firefighters rescue 7 dogs from burning home, 2 canines in critical condition: fire officials

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Firefighters raced to the scene around 4 nm. and saw smoke billowing from the home in the Orange County neighborhood of Avalon Park, Orange County Fire Rescue said. DOG RESCUED 1,600 MILES FROM HOME, REUNITED WITH F...

Ava Phillippe strolls with her two dogs as mom Reese Witherspoon sells company in huge deal

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The 21-year-old daughter of Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe was snapped taking her two pooches for a walk in Los Angeles, Kalifornië. Phillippe adopted the larger dog in October 2020 and named him Benj...

India’s stray dogs are being locked out by a US ban on adoptions

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When Jill Trail first met Pihu, a frail 6-week old puppy, in India she knew she needed her care. Living on the streets, Pihu had suffered spinal injuries and infections so bad that both hind legs had to be amputated...

Former LAPD officer describes encounter with ‘aggressiveswarm of bees that killed 2 honde

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Bob Ramos of Diamond Bar, Kalifornië, told KTLA on Tuesday that the bees he encountered in his backyard were in "attack mode" and that the dogs had ripped through a screen door trying to escape. POLICE BEEKEEPER REM...

‘Turner & Hooch’ goes to the dogs with a toothless Disney+ revival

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Who's a good show? Not "Turner & Hooch," which goes to the dogs in the wrong way, leaving behind a Disney+ series that's basically a remake but tries too hard to position itself as a sort-of revival. Die resultaat ...

Dog’s adorable reaction to being called ‘beautiful’ goes viral

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Sarah Lawther, from Sydney, Australië, posted a video of her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Honey, on TikTok last month. In die kort snit, Lawther tells her dog: "Honey, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole en...

Joey Chestnut chows down 76 hot dogs, breaks own world record at annual Fourth of July contest

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Chestnut went on to win his 14th Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Sunday after he broke his own record and chowed down 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes of action. During last year’s contest without fans du...

Psaki op 16-sent BBQ-twiet word vergelyk met die styging in die gasprys: ‘As jy nie van worsbroodjies hou nie, sal jy dalk nie omgee nie’

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"Beplan vanjaar 'n kookkuns? Ketchup oor die nuus," het die Withuis Donderdag getwiet. "Volgens die Farm Bureau, die koste van 'n BBQ op 4 Julie is laer as verlede jaar. Dit is 'n feit wat u moet hoor(d) - Worsbroodjie, die ...

Hot dogs: 5 little-known facts ahead of July 4

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In werklikheid, as Americans celebrate Independence Day this weekend, they will also be enjoying "the single largest hot dog day of the year," Eric Mittenthal, the president of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (NH ...

Chinese polisie vra die publiek om 'skugter' aan te neem’ honde wat misluk het met opleiding

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Alhoewel alle honde goeie seuns is (en meisies), nie almal is geskik vir werk in die wetstoepassing nie. 'N Polisie-akademie in die noordoostelike Liaoning-provinsie in China veil honde op wat nie in hul polisie kwalifiseer nie..

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