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Jesse Watters highlights problems Biden ‘is not doing a damn thing about

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JESSE AGUAS: The new COVID-19 variant omicron now spreading throughout the United States. I'm not worried about the new variant. I'm worried about how the government is going to overreact to the new variant. Biden'...

CNN panel on Biden struggles: Media not doing enough to sell agenda, Americans putting ‘feelingsover facts

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On Reliable Sources," host Brian Stelter asked The Editorial Board columnist Magdi Semrau why the "link" between Biden and his agenda is "broken." Semrau asserted the media is not doing a "particularly great job" de ...

Reps. Katko: Biden 'no hace nada’ para detener el flujo de drogas que cruzan la frontera, matando estadounidenses

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"Una cosa que los cárteles saben: Cuando la frontera es segura, es mucho más difícil para ellos transmitir las drogas. Cuando no es seguro, es pan comido para ellos. Y eso es lo que estamos viendo ahora," Katko dijo en Fox ...

Su. Algodón: We should not be doing anything to celebrate, honor China with Olympic games

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IOC CALL WITH CHINESE TENNIS STAR PENG RAISES MORE QUESTIONS SEN. ALGODÓN TOM: The I.O.C. is acting as nothing but a frontman for the Chinese communist party. La semana pasada, I called for a complete and total boycott of th...

GOP senators say Mayorkas answer shows he’s either ‘lyingor unaware of what his agency is doing

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GOP Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee blasted the DHS secretary over his answer to a committee question during a Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Cotton asked Mayorkas if anyo...

Gobernador. Murphy positioned as ‘canary in a coal minefor Democrat policies: ‘We’re doing what they’re discussing

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Murphy faces the possibility of succeeding as the first Democratic governor of New Jersey to win re-election since the 1980s: Polling has the governor nine points ahead of his Republican opponent, Jack Ciattarelli, w ...

Brian Laundrie encontró: Gobernador. DeSantis ‘committed to doing whatever he can to help prevent domestic violence

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"The governor is committed to doing whatever he can to help prevent domestic violence, support survivors and ensure justice for victims," Christina Pushaw, DeSantis's press secretary, told Fox News Thursday. Human r...

La candidata demócrata Kirsten Engel dice que el Partido Republicano está haciendo un "flaco favor"’ a las comunidades fronterizas diciendo que hay "crisis’

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Durante un foro virtual de candidatos en Zoom, Kirsten Engel criticó la "medios y republicanos" por expresar su preocupación por la actual crisis fronteriza, diciendo que necesitan "pasar algún tiempo en nuestras comunidades fronterizas." "T ...

Policía de Atlanta arresta a corredores callejeros haciendo donas en estacionamiento, muestra de video

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La policía de Atlanta publicó el domingo un video en helicóptero que muestra lo que la policía identificó como un Chevrolet Camaro blanco y dorado girando alrededor del estacionamiento del Centro Comercial East Point.. Se pueden ver varios otros vehículos estacionar..

Steelers fans seen doing the wave while Seahawks defensive end Darrell Taylor left game with serious injury

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Taylor suffered the injury in the fourth quarter of the tight game. He was down for a while and the Seahawks medical personnel called for the cart to take him off the field. Taylor’s head and neck were stabilized and...

Officer killed on new beat considered career change but decided, ‘I love what I’m doing,’ his father said

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Just weeks ago, Dylan Harrison's father tried to persuade him to leave law enforcement to be an electrician. En lugar de, Harrison redoubled his commitment to policing. On his first part-time shift with a new agency, Ha...

Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt Republican chances in 2022

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Donald Trump is, ostensibly, un republicano. But he has shown time and again -- both in the White House and now out of it -- that he cares little about helping the party and its other candidates. The latest example ca...

Kyrie Irving breaks silence on vaccine drama: ‘I am doing what’s best for me

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Irving made his remarks late Wednesday night on Instagram Live. He said he has no plans to retire. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . "I am doing what’s best for me. I know the consequences here, and if it me...

Jeff Van Gundy blasts NBA players for refusing COVID vaccine: ‘You’re doing your own research?’

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The ESPN broadcaster made the comments during the Houston Rockets-Miami Heat preseason NBA game. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . "Just in general, you the know the one that drives me crazy? ‘I’m doing my o...

Ben Domenech: Doing nothing is what the federal government does these days

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Ben Domenech: Doing nothing is what the federal government does these days. No, I don’t mean in the usual sense of Harry Truman’s "Do-Nothing Congress." Por lo general, when people complain that the government does nothing,...

Street racers in Philadelphia filmed doing donuts around cop car outside City Hall, no arrests made

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The chaotic scene unfolded around midnight on Market Street near City Hall. STREET RACING SOARS AFTER ‘DEFUND POLICE’ MOVEMENT SLASHES TRAFFIC PATROLS ACROSS US Video recorded at the scene shows fireworks lighting ...

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