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Dolfyne’ Brian Flores has advice for Tua Tagovailoa after 5-interception minicamp session

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Harsh weather contributed to difficult playing conditions for the second-year quarterback but Flores knows his team will need to be prepared for anything. SEAHAWKS’ JAMAL ADAMS EXCUSED FROM MINICAMP FOR FAMILY MATTER...

Dolphins sign Jibri Blount, former college basketball player and son of NFL Hall of Famer Mel Blount

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The team announced Thursday that they signed former North Carolina Central standout Jibri Blount -- a college basketball player -- as a free agent tight end. BUCS’ ROB GRONKOWSKI DONATES $ 1.2M TO RENOVATE BOSTON P...

Covid-19 tests given to cats, honde, dolphins and more animal species by US scientists

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(Kaiser Gesondheidsnuus)As Covid-19 cases surge in the US, one Texas veterinarian has been quietly tracking the spread of the disease — not in people, but in their pets. Sedert Junie, Sarah Hamer and her team at Texas A&a...

Miami Dolphins say they’ll stay in locker room for NFL National Anthem. ‘We don’t need another publicity parade

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Members over the Miami Dolphins say they will "stay inside" for both "Die Star-Spangled Banner" en die "Lig elke stem op en sing" -- known as the Black National Anthem -- before their game against the New England ...