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Prins Harry, Meghan Markle donate new roof to Texas women’s shelter damaged in storm

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A Texas shelter badly damaged by last week's winter storm is getting help from an unexpected donor. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised Genesis Women's Shelter & Support in Dallas on Sunday with a donation...

Stephen King to donate $6,500 to elementary students in Maine so they can publish their own books

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Author Stephen King is giving back, by donating thousands of dollars to an elementary school in his home state of Maine so that a group of students can publish their own books. King will be donating $ 6,500 to Farw...

Buffalo Bills fans donate money to Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s favorite charity after playoff win

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Buffalo Bills fans celebrated their victory over the Baltimore Ravens in a unique way this weekend. The Bills defeated the Ravens 17-3 on Saturday in the AFC divisional round. During the game, the Ravens lost quarte...

Beyoncé te skenk $500,000 aan mense wat deur die uitsettingskrisis geraak word

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Beyoncé sal aanbied $ 5,000 toelaes om mense te help wat in die gesig staar negatief of uitgesit word as gevolg van die behuisingskrisis wat veroorsaak word deur die koronavirus-pandemie. Mense kan vanaf Januarie aansoek doen vir die toelaes 7, 2021, die sanger ...

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donate $500,000 to support homeless youth in Canada

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One of Hollywood's most famous couples donated $ 500,000 to help young people struggling with homelessness in Canada. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively pledged $ 250,000 each to Covenant House Vancouver and Covenant ...

Brad Paisley and his wife donate 1 million meals to combat hunger nationwide

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Brad Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, are building on their efforts to fight hunger in America. September is Hunger Action Month and the couple announced that they are donating 1 million meal...