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Jamie Lynn Spears ‘blindsidedafter charity declined planned donation from book sales: reporte

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Britney Spears' sister is planning on releasing a memoir titled "Things I Should Have Said" come January, and on Monday, la 501(c)(3) This Is My Brave announced it declined an opportunity to receive proceeds from th...

England to remove another ‘discriminatorybarrier to blood donation

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London England is set to remove an "outdated, unnecessary and actively discriminatory" question from blood donor forms, which campaigners say has predominantly affected Black communities' ability to give blood. Eso ...

Fox Corp. announces $1M donation to Tunnel to Towers in support of first responders, military heroes

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The donation will support injured first responders, military heroes and their families. Tunnel to Towers CEO Frank Siller, brother of the fallen 9/11 héroe, Unido "El cinco" Saturday to remember Stephen's sacrifice. ...

Democratic congressional hopeful Nina Turner received donation from pro-Assad operative

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Turner is the frontrunner in a group of Democrats looking to succeed Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia Fudge's empty Ohio congressional seat. The Ohio progressive currently has a fundraising lead i...

Parents of boy killed by alligator at Disney World advocate for pediatric organ donation in new campaign

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En junio 2016, Lane Thomas Graves was playing on a beach outside Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa when an alligator attacked, grabbing and dragging him into the lake. Father Matt Graves jumped into the water, B...

Goodwill employee finds massive sum of cash in donation, helps return money to owner

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Norman, Oklahoma Andrea Lessing had seen a lot of unique donations in her time as an Oklahoma Goodwill employee, but none nearly as valuable as $ 42,000 en efectivo. Lessing had been sorting through a pile of donations...

Angelina Jolie makes surprise donation to kidscharity lemonade stand

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London Angelina Jolie has donated an undisclosed sum to two British children who are running a lemonade stand to raise money to help people suffering due to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The British schoolboys --...