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This is My Brave, organizzazione non profit, declines donations from Jamie Lynn Spears’ memoir

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In yet another blowback for the controversial book, il 501(c)(3) This Is My Brave announced Monday that its team passed on an opportunity to receive proceeds from "Things I Should Have Said," which is slated to hit ...

Family of fallen Marine Rylee McCollum receives police escort in Wyoming; donations for pregnant widow pour in

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McCollum, 20, was among 13 service members killed by a suicide bomb attack Thursday at the Kabul airport while providing security as people tried to flee the country amid the U.S. withdrawal and Taliban takeover. Lui ...

La campagna del Minnesota per sostituire il dipartimento di polizia ottiene $ 1 milione in nazionale, donazioni locali

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Il gruppo Sì 4 Minneapolis, che sostiene la modifica della carta della città per consentire ai funzionari pubblici di sostituire il dipartimento di polizia con un'agenzia di pubblica sicurezza, si è raccolto all'incirca $ 983,000 nelle donazioni del passato...

Betsy McCaughey: COVID vaccine equity? US deserves answers on booster shots vs. donations to rest of world

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Giving boosters to vaccinated people in rich countries, while millions in poor countries go unvaccinated, is nothing short of greed, said World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monda...

rappresentante. Ken Buck says Republicans shouldn’t take Big Tech donations or be ‘influencedby massive companies

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"I'm not taking money from the Big Tech companies, and I've encouraged other Republicans not to do that, and I've started a pledge – we've got a number of Republicans that have signed that pledge – making sure that t...

Goodwill worker finds rare, $10K video game in box of donations

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A Goodwill location in Texas recently discovered that a box of old video games it had received as a donation contained an incredibly rare, and valuable item. fortunatamente, the worker handling this particular box recog...

Mom robbed of $63k in real estate scam closes on house thanks to donations from strangers

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This is especially true for one mom in Florida who nearly lost her dream house after being targeted by scammers. Through elaborate wire fraud, Patricia Verlino had been robbed of $ 63,000 she had saved for a down p...

Suspects stole over $740K in church donations: polizia

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Four people were arrested and two others are wanted in what authorities are calling "Operation Thou Shalt Not Steal." The group was based in Orlando but traveled throughout Florida and other states stealing checks, io...

Susan Collins campaign donations from Hawaii defense contractor prompt FBI investigation

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FBI personnel searched electronic devices belonging to Martin Kao, a former CEO of Hawaii defense contractor Navatek, seeking evidence that he orchestrated an effort to funnel alleged illegal contributions to help Co...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ask for donations to fund vaccine drive on son Archie’s second birthday

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A message posted to the Archewell website for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s foundation encouraged visitors to "join us in advocating for vaccine equity" especially in impoverished countries where "distribution has...

Germany bans Muslim group over alleged terror donations

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Police raised buildings in 10 German states associated with Ansaar International, German news agency dpa reported. The news agency said the money the organization collected went to welfare projects but also to groups...

'Idolo americano’ il concorrente chiede donazioni per aiutare a pagare il trattamento del cancro al cervello, secondo intervento chirurgico

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Il cantante, 26, è apparso in Season 15 di "idolo americano" nel 2016, dove è stata eliminata dopo essere arrivata in cima 24 semifinali. A novembre, ha rivelato che stava vivendo convulsioni. Ora sembra che si trovi ...

GoFundMe page for Asian hate crime assault victim in New York raises more than $172,000 in donations

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A GoFundMe page set up to raise money for the Asian woman injured in the brazen attack caught on camera in midtown Manhattan has raised more than $ 172,000 in donations as of Thursday evening. Vilma Kari's daughte...

The American Red Cross is in critical need of blood donations right now. Here’s how to donate

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Despite the country slowly opening up after a year of Covid-19 restrictions, the amount of blood donations needed has stayed in high demand. American Red Cross chief medical officer Dr. Pampee Young said the organiz...

A Utah city has been forgiving parking tickets in exchange for food donations

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Vuoi più ispirazione, notizie positive? Iscriviti a The Good Stuff, una newsletter per il bene della vita. Illuminerà la tua casella di posta ogni sabato mattina. A city in Utah is letting residents donate food in exchange fo...

Trump accumula milioni di donazioni mentre affronta un secondo processo di impeachment

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Il nuovo comitato politico di Donald Trump ne ha accolti di più $ 30 milioni nelle ultime settimane di 2020 come ha fatto affermazioni implacabili e infondate di frode degli elettori, nuovi documenti mostrano. E l'azione politica di Trump per salvare l'America..