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Hannity: ‘I don’t really give a rip what Joe Biden says to anybody

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki did not apologize for Biden's profane insult Tuesday, instead saying Biden assured Doocy in a phone call that "'it was nothing personal, uomo,' and also acknowledged that all [rep...

Greg Gutfeld: Elites like to make rules for other people so they don’t have to abide by them

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Ricorda, the consequences of global climate change are so pressing. SCHWARZENEGGER IN 2007: The consequences of global climate change are so pressing… SCHWARZENEGGER IN 2020: 7 million people are dying every year ...

Aaron Rodgers on future with Packers after 49ers upset: ‘I don’t want to be a part of a rebuild

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Rodgers, 34, admitted to reporters after the Packers' shocking 13-10 loss that he didn’t expect his season to end so soon. 49ERS STUN TOP-SEEDED PACKERS, ADVANCE TO NFC CHAMPIONSHIP "A little numb, di sicuro. IO...

The 5G-airlines crisis was mostly averted. Ecco cosa è successo – and what we still don’t know

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New York (CNN Business)Potentially abysmal air travel interruptions were narrowly avoided this week when wireless carriers made a last-minute change to their planned 5G rollout in response to fears that new cell serv...

Aaron Rodgers talks COVID vax drama, alleges ‘censorshipif opinions don’t follow the mainstream

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Criticism of Rodgers came to a fever pitch earlier in the year when it was revealed he had tested positive for coronavirus and furthermore it was discovered he wasn’t vaccinated against COVID-19 despite telling the m...

Ingraham on politicization of COVID: Don’t expect the elites to give up power easily

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Ingraham believes they are afraid if COVID-19 becomes less relevant then they would as well. "The elites are afraid that the House of COVID, which they built on sand, is about to be washed away for good," lei disse. "...

Cartoon politico del giorno: Don’t look down

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NUOVOOra puoi ascoltare gli articoli di Fox News!

Mayor Eric Adams acknowledges New Yorkers don’t feel safe in the subways

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The former New York Police Department captain now running the city, who won the job on a law-and-order message, acknowledged on Tuesday that many New Yorkers do not feel safe in the subways. Mayor Eric Adams, a Demo...

Don’t miss the wolf moon light up the sky this week

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"Owoooo!" Wolves are associated with howling at the moon -- a common myth that's become widely accepted over the ages. Despite the fictional tale, it hasn't stopped people from connecting the moon with the furry an...

Nathan MacKinnon di Avalanche su All-Star Game: ‘Non credo che ogni squadra dovrebbe mandare un ragazzo’

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Nel 23 Giochi, MacKinnon ha sei gol e 29 assist per l'Avalanche. Sarà nell'All-Star Game con Alexander Ovechkin dei Washington Capitals e la star degli Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid, tra gli altri. CLICCA SU ....

Our heroic health care workers don’t need more COVID mandates

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Once praised for their tireless efforts during a crisis, now find themselves subjected to policies based on conjecture rather than data. As courts are still battling vaccine mandates and health care institutions ha...

Huckabee torches Biden’s ‘insaneGeorgia speech: ‘I don’t think he’s cognizant of what he’s saying

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PSAKI BRUSHES OFF MCCONNELL, CALLS CRITICISMS OF BIDEN'S SPEECH ‘HILARIOUS’ MIKE HUCKABEE: When you lose Al Sharpton and Dick Durbin, you've really lost the debate. intendo, this is insane. I don't think Joe Biden kno...

Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger on facing the Chiefs in the playoffs: ‘We don’t have a chance

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Roethlisberger spoke to reporters after practice on Wednesday and seemed relatively relaxed ahead of what stands to be an extremely difficult game, one the veteran quarterback says he hopes doesn't end with the Steel...

MSNBC guest complains more sitcoms don’t include COVID-19 in plotlines, have ‘wishedpandemic away

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Some of the most popular shows on TV or streaming services have not written in the pandemic, or have included it only to eventually write it out of their scripts. Perché, per esempio, aren't Carrie Bradshaw and company...

Ingraham rips ‘Cheney Democratswho don’t trust democracy, doing China’s work

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney visited Congress on Thursday's one-year anniversary of the Capitol riot, saying he is "deeply disappointed" in Congressional GOP leadership's response to the events of Jan. 6. Cheney...

Pandemic babies higher risk for developmental delays, but don’t blame the virus, dicono i ricercatori

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Columbia University Irving Medical Center established a prospective cohort study called COVID-19 Mother Baby Outcomes (BO) Initiative in the spring of 2020 to study the associations between the exposure of the virus ...